37 Replies to “Eating at the WORST REVIEWED RESTAURANT IN MY CITY”

  1. I feel like cause this was rated as the worst reviewed restaurant and you knew that, your mind was automatically wired to think that it won't be that good regardless of how open you tried to look at it

  2. Holy shit y’all nigga’s so annoying if his chewing annoys you don’t watch the fucking video hop off the mans cock Jesus Christ it’s a mukbang channel you fucks

  3. For god sakes people let the man eat/chew his food however he wants 🙄 tf is all your problem if he chews like that, if its loud then lower the mdfk volume. Its got its purpose 🙄🤦🏻‍♀️

  4. why do people click on videos where people eat food and then proceed to complain about how they eat like jesus buddha almighty do you think your comment is gonna make the man go oh shit aight maybe i am chewing to loud lemme just change the way i eat so i can satisfy this random stranger on the internet smh just watch something else than a video of a man LITERALLY reviewing FOOD if you don't like CHEWING

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