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In this Ed Versus, our very own Ed Herman is reviewing The Dark Knight. Just how many laws are broken here? ___ Dial 1-800-536-4357 or visit …


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  1. You kind of missed the point. We love Batman because he breaks the rules. Bad guys like the Joker hide behind society's laws and use the legal process against itself, so Batman needs to break the law when the situation warrants it.

  2. Omg I clicked on a Red Dead Redemption 2 Video and ended up watching 4 Ed V __ Videos! Best Advertising I’ve ever seen!

  3. I grew up in KANSAS City watching Brown and Crouppen commercials… It’s so strange and amazing to see a legal firm jump into the YouTube personality realm… and do it well!

  4. So if you're going to take this channel places, cut all the other stuff and focus on this "how many laws does x character break in movie y" series. Then, when you're sufficiently popular, start another series.

  5. Well done sir. Turns out joker is the one who cleaned up the crime. Lol

    Do tell me how Batman is supposed to fight his vigilante justice without breaking the law?

  6. Best ad I’ve seen in a long time. In the first 3 seconds it pulled me off of my intended path and led me to like share and subscribe. I don’t think another ad has ever made me do that. Really clever and well done. It’s on message with the sale, but most importantly it’s genuinely interesting content. Well done!

  7. Batman is a law abiding citizen because of the laws frailness to act upon the wealthy or established one's who have gotten away with a few things more than once. Our government isn't perfect no government is. I mean every government that has ever been created was from the blood of their enemies, because of power, and control which is everything. However, once you've dug yourself a hole your chances dwindle with each passing day and that hope shrinks as the hole gets deeper. Now you're apart of the system designed to separate the classes. How can anyone pay for food, rent, and utilities with minimum wage? You can't. If the government cared about its people there prisons would be reformitive instead of destructive and the schooling would be better if they prepared yourself for your life's path instead of just giving you a high school education. Democracy will eventually fall like the Roman empire. The North won the civil war, but that battle is still raging on. White privilege is evident, just diminished, but not finished. Bobby Kennedy would of been a good President but someone made sure he didn't because he would of changed a lot of what we see today. At least he helped the Mexican farm laborers from getting 30 cents a day for a whole days work. America land of the pillowcased heads.

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