45 Replies to “Election Night 1984 NBC News Coverage”

  1. Look at all the illegals they lied to reagan about illegal immigration wake up people stand party the demoncrats aka the dummyrats free everything if u vote for satan's party

  2. I don't think Reagan would recognise nor approve of the hatred and bile coming from some of the people who claim to be supporters of him. I'm not an American, I live in the UK, and I wish you guys could get better at talking to each other and respecting each other, as my country certainly needs to start doing too. Reagan was a gentleman, who respected his opponents, and perhaps some of you might do the same. To write them all of as commies is, well, wrong for a start, given that the Democratic party is to the right of our Conservative Party (Which is pro-choice, anti-gun and pro universal healthcare), but it's also just going to foster even more resentment and mistrust. It's not a football match, it's a choice as to who runs the country for four years. It's not supposed to be just about beating the other guys, the other guys are your friends, family, and neighbours, whatever your disagreements.

    And Trump and Reagan have very little in common. Reagan was the eternal optimist, the man who spoke of "morning in America", his positivity was clear and his patriotism was deep. Trump is the cynic, saying that the world is getting worse and worse, who uses the office to further his own power and nothing more, while pretty evidently hating everything America was founded to represent. Reagan would turn in his grave if he knew what creature currently sat in the office he represented. Whatever anyone says about him, Obama had a lot more in common with Reagan than Trump did. They both came from poor backgrounds, they were both men of bold, if different, visions of the country, they were both exceptional communicators, they were both unapologetic optimists and they both clearly and deeply adored America, their love for it dripped from every syllable.

    Anyway, just my thoughts from across the Atlantic. Food for though perhaps for 2020. I hope you guys can pull together, I'm rooting for you, and after Trump leaves office, I genuinely think America can be made great again.

  3. It was after this election that the press took the side of the Democrats. Imagine if we still had a fair and impartial press. One of the things they did was to flop the party colors, trading the natural Democrat commie red for the Republican good guy blue.

  4. In every country the color red is left wing and the color blue is conservative. The liberal media switched it in USA because they didn’t want the Democrat party to be associated with Communism/Socialism.

  5. Did anybody notice that the "minister" claimed that no one was happy about President Reagan's reelection that people behind him were happily dancing in patriotic garb. In 1980 Carter called the United States "greatest country in the world," and Modale called the country "magnificent." 😁And these commentators showed their economic ignorance.

  6. This is what I watched, that night. I was 11 years old and rooting for Reagan. The broadcast began, at 7 PM (CDT). Well before 8 PM, President Reagan was re-elected. My only regret of watching this, is discovering Mr. Botched Joke and "Reporting For Duty" John Kerry, began his Senate career.

  7. Wow the Democratic Party in 1984, when Reagan nearly SWEEPED ALL 50 STATES. Democrats still kept a strong majority in the House, were powerful in the Senate, had like 60% of ALL GOVERNORS, and over 70% PLUS STATE LEGISLATURES. Wow, I guess people used to split tickets a lot more back then

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