24 Replies to “Emily Ratajkowski Has Something to Tell You | Now You Know | Vogue”

  1. Bernie Sanders says… BS. Btw, it's no error or coincidence. the PTB are thrusting into our lives one B. S. SANDERS!!! B. S. Sanders! B. S. SANDERS. Yes! WE ARE BEING BULLSHITTED by the Powers That Be. SNAP OUT OF IT, PEOPLE. take care, fellow Americans. Gs

  2. I just realized something. And I really hate admitting it. I can't believe that I'm watching such a disgusting video. Vogue is less classy than a Playboy magazine nowadays. In fact, I cannot notice any difference at all.

  3. Less government means cheaper Dr visits and cheaper medication ! Of course she doesn’t care what happens to the American people because she’s super rich and wants to remain that way

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