26 Replies to “England v Wales – Official Extended Highlights 9th March 2014”

  1. England they didn't do as good a we did in 2013 and they never will all the English call us sheep shaggers but they are the one who eat sheep so they have our cum and have baby's the baby will be a sheep English england all u come up with is sheep shagger and plus so what we have loads of sheep its not our fault we have loads of mountains and stuff like that

  2. I think that fat baby Jenkins was trying to scrummage his way back into the tunnel. Probably wanted to leave early and pick up a McDonalds on his way back to sheep-shagger land.

  3. well say what you like about the England team, they did bloody well!, no disrespect to wales, they're a fantastic team… But they didn't half have that coming 😉

  4. 6:17 Seriously though with Lawes' sneaky little offload, I can't even see anything other than the ball just magically zip into Burrell's hands. Darn wizard.

  5. When Wales made up the majority of the lions squad and the fixtures favoured England during the 6 nations i knew Wales would struggle. When Gatland played Jenkins, Warburton and Lydiate while carrying injuries in the first game i knew it was a sign of things to come. The stop start campaign by Wales was a mixture of lethargic and injured players who never really performed. This wasn't a washed up Wales but more of a wake up call and possible changes to come. Remember England hadn't won a triple crown since 2003. Wales won the 6 nations 2005,08,12,13. England won it once in 2011 in that decade. 

  6. Watching The  6 Nations has turned many off rugby union, it's so boring!  It's a good job The Super 15's has now started, a God save, and that's talking as one who has grown up playing rugby in England.

  7. Wales didn't turn up they looked tired lethargic even against Scotland they looked tired although they hammered them it was there back line which is up there with the best but there forwards they still looked tired Adam jones Hibbard need a long rest I think .

  8. Super bummed to hear Halfpenny is down with a dislocated shoulder — great player. Tho I'm loyal to my English side.

  9. Courtney Lawes has such a sweet offload, it's so quick and discreet. It got Chris Ashton a try of the year award in 2010.
    His carries should be a key target for support runners.

  10. Sextons try against the Italians and the exquisite offload from O'Driscoll in the lead up has been the try/play of the championship.

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