13 Replies to “Father and Son – Launch Trailer – App Store, Google Play”

  1. whenever I listen to it tears roll down my eyes.. everytime.. I feel so melancholic, nostalgic, I miss something but I don't know what…. I am an Indian, I never visited anywhere, but I feel so connected to Europe as if I must have been born there instead of here.. specially medieval Europe.. and every other historical places on earth.. castles, gowns, horses, wars, I just want to live in that time.. that's why I love to watch medieval, Elizabethan ,Victorian, Gothic movies, and I feel so connected to them.. I wanted to be an archaeogist, so that I could feel it, but parents did not let me, but this game just gave me that satisfaction I was craving for.. I feel so connected to this son from this game as if it's me and not him.. I really cannot express through words how grateful I am to this game..

  2. Played this game. It's truly fantastic, almost indescribably so. Highly recommend it, I guarantee it takes a lot to forget it.

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