44 Replies to “Ferrero Fantasia Dessert – Bruno Albouze – The Real Deal”

  1. Ouah ! C’est magnifique ! Quel effet dans l’assiette !
    Quant au goût, pour avoir testé nombre de vos recettes, aucun doute : ce doit être forcément délicieux 🤤 !
    Toujours un plaisir de voir vos vidéos, toujours l’eau à la bouche !!!

  2. Monsieur Albouze,
    have you ever created a dessert with one hero ingreduebt in all components and yet tasty and balanced?
    like Pistage. pistachio pâte sablé, followed by a pistachio crémeux, a pistachio Praliné mousse and fresh pistachios to decor and crunch.

  3. It's very very amazing and complicated,
    but wouldn't just using an ice cream bar with around the same filling and some nuts on top
    cut in half…
    produce like…around the same taste ?
    and tha'ts just 2 $ and ready in 2 min.. u know..

  4. Been following you since day one. You are the star in a Michelin star. There is no other chef like you!

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