Financial Management – Lecture 01

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28 Replies to “Financial Management – Lecture 01”

  1. your lecturer is excellent….and discussion is more clear which is more helpful for me..please give a suggestion . i complet my BBA with i want to admit for MBA .BUT whose subject will best FINANCE OR ACCOUNTING. MUST priority of market job place.

  2. Hi Thank you so much for this valuable content. I have a question which is a problem i hope you can help me with. Im an aspiring entrepreneur with an Arts Management diploma. I have learn some basic business modules ( basic econs, basic finance, fundalmental of management HRM etc) and I didnt do very well because i am not very interested in the technical aspect of it, however after the course i realised I am very interested in running a business, the course itself spark an interest in me to be an entrepreneur. My question is, should i get in to 30k student loan debt to get a degree? My main objective from studying is so that i can learn the technical aspect of running the business ( I believe this time i will do well because conciously im interested in it) but I am also afraid that whatever we learn from school is all about dead assignment and rote learning. If you think i can learn alot more in school , which degree should i go for to prep and equip myself with relevant skills to run a business? BBS in Finacne or BBS in Management? Thank you

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