7 Replies to “Finding new fishing spots with Google Earth Perch Fishing uk”

  1. Your fishing in Llanellen grew up there catching big donkey perch on lobworms ain’t quite the same anymore there’s some good fishing about two mile on up in llanfoist some nice carp and pike up there 🤙🏻

  2. I have Subbed you. I have only ever caught 1 Redfin. They are an introduced species here and if you catch them here in South Australia you are not allowed to throw them back whatever the size. The one I caught was about 34cm long and filleted it and had a cook up. they are nice eating. I will be targeting them again now the weather is warming up again.
    I will watch the rest of your video's as I get the chance.

  3. Nice little catches, I have found fish big lures get fewer but bigger perch, fish small lures get small perch anywhere from a few to a lot lol but been said I have had big perch and pike on 2cm minnow shads just finding them is the trick

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