33 Replies to “Five hours of CNN's Iowa caucus coverage in 3 minutes”

  1. No one cares that Bernie WON Iowa, yet Hillary walked away with more delegates……..Corrupt like a mother fucker!!

    I'm surprised Sander supporters aren't rioting in the streets??

  2. How is Trump gonna standup to Russia, Iran, and China when he can't even standup to Megyn Kelly? Don't vote for Donald the Weak, vote 4 Megyn Kelly!

  3. I'm sold on Trump. CNN pushing for the extermination of white people, Hillary ready to carry on the plan of Obama to start World War 3 with Russia and ban guns to start a civil rebellion in the USA. This is just insane.

  4. CNN why has Fareed Zakaria gotten away with calling for the rape of white women to be slaves to Islamic Jihadis and the extermination of white people? Are you people crazy?

  5. I'm confused, did Hillary or Bernie win? And if Bernie lost, does this mean that he has no chance of getting the presidency? Because I sure as fuck hope not

  6. "…months and months on the Democratic side". Given how badly America, and the world, needs Bernie as President, I'll thumb that up. So close, but the marathon has only just begun.

  7. Walter Mondale (D) won the Iowa caucus and the Democratic nomination. He lost the general election to Ronald Reagan. George H.W. Bush (R) won the Iowa caucus, but lost the GOP nomination to Ronald Reagan, who skipped the Iowa caucus yet went on to win the presidency. NO WORRIES! DONALD TRUMP PRESIDENT OF THE USA 2016!

  8. David vs Goliath :: Bernie vs Hillary + CNN + DNC + Washington Post + Huffington Post + FOX + WALL STREET + BIG OIL + BIG PHARMA… It's hard to believe it is even possible, but the only way IS to believe. BERN BABY BERN!

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