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  1. STOP THE Z PAINT WORRIES. Randy the answer to the Z PAINT is on the front clip. There is nothing easier to match than black. Paint the blue black when the body work is done and buff the front. Even if you paint the front it will be better than the blue on the car. In the days before all the trick paint you can buy now my dad and l put really fine silver metallic in our paint colors to get a multi color effect. It rises to the top of the paint and shows like a pearl paint. I flipped over 180 cars before l was 20 years old. Including the 3rd corvette ever produced, which is now in a museum. I've flipped all kinds of boats, motorhomes, trailers and even airplanes. I have used the silver metallic in color trick for decades. Sold my flips like wildfire. I know the EXPERTS will start hollering it doesn't work but, don't listen to them they are wrong. The next time you get a great deal on a car that needs paint buy it and paint it yellow. Put silver metallic in the color on the final coat. Then be amazed over the following three days as the metallic rises to the top. The car will have a purple pearl haze at night with a very cool metallic yellow in the daytime. Then let the experts whine. It will work in most colors. I love the fact you ask your people about things. It shows your a smart guy. I see things from guys on you comments that l learn from. I'll send you a pic of a motorhome l flipped with a paint job that cost me a grand to do. I made 5,000 on a 7,000 dollar sale. How l did the paint job is a great trick. My dad's business was motorhome repair and painting. It's also where l learned to itch as l was the fiberglass repair guy. Keep it up your doing great. With Al's painting ability and a couple smart tricks you can up your profits 75 plus percent.

  2. Randy, listen to AICS. He is right. The repairs and materials he recommends are the right path. I'm a multiple corvette owner over the last fifty years as well as a fiberglass repair guy in a paint shop for several years. The damage on your corvette is a big nothing. I don't know where AICS is but l would use him. Either way it's a cheap repair on a scratch as corvettes go.

  3. Comment section always makes me laugh everyone is a professional and knows it all lol. And some of you with your negative shit talking time to grow up. Don't get why people subscribe to a channel watch the vids just to talk shit.

  4. I know if brake fluid is thick on a car's paint it will go through the clear coat and the paint and peel it off I paint remover.. look's like it work but I'd wipe it down with alcohol afterwards or methanol.

  5. Wait till you try to take that gorilla tape off, what a dumb move. What do you know I found a Co- part lot 6 miles from my house . Maybe I'll go in there and look around see what I can find.

  6. Use straight paint thinner that's what us professional detailer use its great for taking traded paint off and doesn't cost much but there is obviously many ways. You need to use a real buffing machine and not just a simple porter cable those are only good for surface contamination

  7. The gorilla tape will leave nasty residue from the glue when the sun heats it up. I've done that before and was irritated cleaning off all the glue residue. Hope this helps peace!

  8. Congrats on your work on the 'Vette – had that car been a metal skinned vehicle, this would not have been pretty – and since that is a fiberglass car, you should be able to get the door fixed for a reasonable cost and the scratches should be able to be painted out and blended by a skilled body person – I've seen worse turn out good.

    I want to thank you for your channel – I always watch and value your contribution to Youtube. You seem genuine on this channel and I learn as you do when you accomplish new things.

    Keep up the great work and Merry Christmas to you and to your family. I also so appreciate how you and your brother work together and he is also a great addition to this channel with his obvious detailing skills.

  9. I have been a valeter for 23 years never use what this guy used brake fluid big no normal 3 m then go down to final 1 then ready to go don't move a buffer like this you will get massive swirls let the machine do the job in straight lines no circles then your good

  10. You do no have to replace the vette door. Any body shop can repair a chipped out section on the door. Do some research before making such comments.

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