20 Replies to “For-Profit Health Insurance Companies Are A Nightmare”

  1. Please stop using Canada as an example of good health coverage. I say to a doctor that I have a Broken bone, I'm covered, but if that bone is my tooth, I am not covered. I am in Canada and went to the dentist, but their was an issue with my insurance because dental care is not covered by the government like other parts of healthcare. Our system only looks good to Americans because you have a really stupid system. We need more government control of our healthcare system.

  2. I coude jackass drubk huck up a car an pop same E and after the third bottel of vodka call an ambulance than im going for free to the hospital.

  3. As someone who is dealing with severe back pain for 8 months, and is still waiting to see a specialist, I can say that there are issues with the Canadian system.

    8 months to see a surgeon. 14 months to see a rheumatologist. 2 to 3 years to see a pain specialist.

    It covers basics, but unless you are dying, you wait.

  4. Wow. I'm Canadian… So glad I don't have to go through this bull shit. Aren't there agents that can take care of this shit for you guys?

  5. you think the bureaucratic bs will be solved by single payer system? what do you think the government is? this kid is naive

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