22 Replies to “For the Rich, Insurance companies deploy private firefighters in wildfire scorched California”

  1. I see nothing wrong with someone who has a home that is worth 1mil + having additional insurance to have added protection! I am a renter and I have the option to have insurance for being displaced in the case of a fire or other! If the insurance company offers this added protection and the homeowner can pay then why not? The firefighters aren’t pulled away from helping others, it’s a special separate company that employs these firefighters!

  2. Thank you this was very helpful. I just heard something unusually scary in another video, but I don't want to be referring people to another channel's video from here on a regular basis, so if I can confirm it elsewhere, find photos online or reach you, Mary, privately or directly, I will tell you then. Do you have twitter or a news scoop related email address that you don't mind leaving here? I could give you the link privately if you do. Thanks

  3. Thats a Crook of Shit !!! & We all know it is. This Is Disgusting & Just Show's Me That If You Have Lots of Money & Play with The Devil Worshipper's… Nothing "BAD" HAPPENS TO YOU !!!

  4. The fire in the rich southern cal area was extinguished quickly, while Nor Cal Camp fire is still burning, as of right now 631 people are missing. Over 9700 HOMES destroyed. The numbers keep going up daily. How many people died in So Cal???. So far we are at 65 dead and still counting.

  5. It makes sense for the insurance companies to protect what they would have to pay on if they didn’t have the private firefighters. I had no idea there were private fire fighter companies besides the oil well firefighters that we have in Houston. Learn something every day whether you want to or not LOL

  6. I’m really surprised Kim would want her family to live so close to the flames. It could burn again in the near future. The air pollution could cause devastating long term affects on their health. And she’s so obsessed with health and beauty.

  7. Their house was probably left off the demolition list because they are such good illuminati stooges. The "house fires" were controlled demolitions, just like 9-ll.

  8. Never heard of private firefighters.. private security and military yes.. but, if they can afford it, all power to them.. They dont' believe in paying for community services or social services, and believe everyone should pay themselves.. There is a sci-fi indie movie about a future in which if you do not pay into the police system, you can be robbed and noone show up..

  9. So the problem is, this Service is only OFFERED to those whose house is Worth more than $1M, IF your house is Worth LESS than a Million, you do not have Access to this "Insurance". Humm…. is that legal??? Regardless of the cost of the Insurance….? None the less, Every Home owner CAN prepare their yard/house to make it MORE fire proof by removing plants, cutting trees, keeping grass mowed/leaves swept…..etc.~~!!! Draw a Fireline around your own house. Guess they never thought about that.

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