French Baguette “The quicker poolish method”

How to make French Baguette 2 using the quicker poolish method, easy step by step instructions from start to finish. Here are 4 simple rules to follow when …


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  1. This is one of the best videos on bread-making that I have ever seen. I have been making bread for more than 50 years, but I learned a couple of good things from this video I never saw before.

  2. After the resting periods and the roll into shape my baguettes looked like your but did not rise as much as yours so were thinner. Could this be because of the ambient temperature? You noted that yours was 23° and I'm pretty sure mine is cooler. In addition mine were a little moist inside after baking but couldn't leave it in any longer as the outside was just as a baguette should be.

  3. Well I made them today, mine came out a little thin but they sure taste good. Maybe having them come out thin will transfer to me. Thanks again for another great video.

  4. Another great tasty baguette video, perfectly explained. Now, if only I could grab them out of the monitor and start eating them. Nope, doesn't work… have to make my own. Thank you, John. 😉

  5. Love your videos John! Learned a lot already from your breadvideos (and thanks so much for converting everything to metric 😉 ). I always buy those little 7 grams packages of dried yeast and they have never failed me. But I started this baguette recipe yesterday and the dough doesn't really rise. Can I use a bit more yeast next time? 2 grams doesn't sound like much.

  6. Great recipe once again John and very well detailed as usual and yep, I'll be doing this one too.
    Also….I wonder if you could tell me where you got the black sponge mat you work on, I've been after one of those for ages but can't seem to find them anywhere, the one you have seems to be just about the right size as well.
    Cheers mate.

  7. Hi John As usual a excellent video. I agree with barb kafilmout comment about your dulcet tones! Apologies if you have answered this already. I use the a sourdough Poolish? Your method of making a sourdough starter at has been very successful and so I use that every week for my bread making. It takes longer but the taste is worth it. Kind regards Alasdair

  8. Thank you very much, John. I've made many baguettes and have been pretty satisfied with the results, but never tried it with a poolish. It's time. Bruno Albouze's channel put the idea into my head a few weeks back and now you've given me the final nudge. Off to whip up some poolish! Your ciabatta and sandwich bread are also on my list. Cheers.

  9. John. I love your videos! I tried your no knead whole wheat bread! It turned out great! Thanks! Most of your recipe makes a lot of bread which will take sometime for me to finish! Will your recipe work if I half the ingredients? For this baguette recipe, I want to make 3 instead of 6…will half the recipe work?

  10. Hi John, If I don't wish to make so many baguettes at once can I – A. Not bake them all and keep the prepared mix in the fridge – B.  Freeze the mix. – C. just adjust the  quantities proportionately – I don't think freezing the baked baguettes is a good idea possibly ?

  11. When you rearrange things top to bottom and front to back while baking in your fan-assisted oven (In the US we call them "convection ovens") I always think the same thing: Isn't the whole purpose of the fan assistance to circulate the heated air evenly so you don't have to do this?
    Thanks for another delicious looking thing to put on my (getting longer) list of things to try after watching your channel!

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