15 Replies to “FridayVLOG Ferments, Smoked Salt, More Sourdough 3-1-2019”

  1. I am a mix bread german/ romanian. We make salt water brine pickles anf cabbage. They play a big role in food. I am looking like mad for those pickling weights and colorfull burp lids to try and avoid importing them to my current location in the middle of nowhere Sweden. I have been doing small batches of cucumbers since i eat a lot of them and buy cabbage. This year the plan is to grow and pickle 20 heads of cabbage.

  2. Definitely need to try smoking salt. We just bought 25 lbs of the Real Salt from Azure Standard for around $3 a pound. Best deal on salt I've found so far!

  3. Online grocery pickup!!!! I work in that department at a diffrent store in a different state. I hope you guys love it. Tell all of your friends and family. It's an amazing program!!! I'm new to your channel and I love it and all the awesome homesteading you have going on with all the canning foods.

  4. Bums me out a little bit that I won’t be a participant on your Facebook group. I do not subscribe to Facebook any more. For over a year actually. With all the “Poor poor me” and “pay attention to all my struggles” you name it, it was pulling me down and wasn’t healthy for me. I don’t miss it a bit. Your son with all his tooth loss is adorable. Your one jar with the purple cauliflower is beautiful 😀You and the asparagus is like my grown son with my hot dill pickles and hot dilly beans lol. Thanks for the video 🦋💜

  5. Look at that colorful broccoli cauliflower jar! Now we know why papa & mama hang out in the pantry. House rules: only those above the age of 18 can enter the pantry without an adult, ha ha. We are definitely going to ferment asparagus. 👍

  6. My daughter and her husband have two girls and the last few weeks have been a little crazy for us all, she tried the Wal Mart ordering and pick up and they loved it. she said it is such a big help when you are in a hurry etc. Im going to try it soon. LOL see what happens. ha ha.

  7. Hello Pratts ! Awesome of you to do a share weekend. 🙂 How is Jenn feeling. I hope she gets well soon. Im interested in making smoked salt as well so ill have to watch and learn that one . Sorry I have been MIA, My momma passed away last Saturday, and I had been taking care of her, along with my brother and sister, up until then. Things are starting to get back to normal now. Miss her but she is not suffering and is with my daddy once again. <3 God bless y'all. Now I gotta catch up on videos and what not. 😀

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