29 Replies to “Fry The Noodles In A Pastry Ring – You’ll Never Guess What Happens Next!”

  1. Worth it for the raviolli right at the end. Most recipies are baked pasta casseroles with huge quantities of cheese and excessive use of salt. Some recipies you actually added salt at three stages of making the same dish. As always beautifully presented and some cool ideas. Thank you

  2. When ya just cant get enough carb with JUST spaggetti and meat sauce, encase it in pastry, add more cheese an egg yolk, more cheese, then bake πŸ˜‚πŸ€£

  3. OH MY, ARE YOU MARRIED….YOU CAN COOK FOR ME ANY DAY…LOL! These dishes look delicious and very creative I must say. Thanks for sharing! Had to subscribe to your channel.

  4. After the first two dishes I went into a diabetic coma and slept for a whole weekend.. My glucose meter keeps reading Hi! Hi! Hi! There's a chicken out there with a sore ass….so many eggs were harmed in this video.

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