G2Voice broadcast #124 – Is making poison to the body cheaper the answer to healthcare 1-27-2019

This week we are talking about why lowering the price of medications is NOT the answer to health. This weeks newsletter: http://mmsnews.is/509-g2voice-124 …


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  1. I'm in to taking the protocol for 3month's now Amazing it's giving me my life back I'm overjoyed and over the moon with happiness – WOW thank you for the information and advice – I've regained my life Keep it up Mark love and happiness to you both xxx

  2. Another awesome video!!
    I thank God for you guys!!
    I've been taking mms of and on for a couple of years now I had bleeding gums and I can tell you that it's gone now.. I would like to cure my toenail fungus does anyone know of a good protocol for that please let me know Thanks.

  3. Mark let me share with you what is sick, I have a relative who can be cured of mild MS but she said she would have to give up her Social Security Check, how sick is that, would rather stay sick than to give up a measly check wow !  Also if you went live you choose the questions you would want to answer, the questions appear so fast you couldn't answer them all if you tried, there are trolls on every channel, just let them scroll by or delete them. You tube has many channels that teach you how to go live if you don't know how to do it. Thanks for all you do. LJ

  4. FYI: My lung tumors – that were only in my left lung – have completely disappeared. I've been taking mms in the evening – about 3 to 4 very small doses. 1-3 drops per hour. Also, nanosilver inhalation via an ultrasonic nebulizer 1-3 times a day for a few days – on and off. So, as of the third highly radioactive CAT scan last year – I was relieved to find out that there are no lung tumors. Needless to say, the lung specialist/Pulmonologist Dr. looked a little disappointed as he gave me the good news. That's crazy!! I didn't expect anything else. MMS is empowering!

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