Get Out Of Debt For Free – Australia, New Zealand, UK, Ireland, USA, Canada & South Africa

For all of you who want to learn how to take back your life and be in absolute control of it again, as you learn how all the corporations are taking advantage of …


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  1. This is a branch off 'Trust pilot who are a scam, i was sucked in and they were stealing $30 a month off me for around 3 years, until i found out with bank statements. Then when i went to claim anything back, i couldn't as Trust pilot legally do not exist. Don't believe anything these crims tell you, this is another scam where you lose money and they gain. Dont go to ………………….. ITS A SCAM.

  2. Im not going to thumbs up this clip im going to share the shit out it, Youwantpeople to share it!!!!! thats how it goes viral. But ill thumbs up anyway. 🙂

  3. Banks do not create money out of thin air. Biggest load of bullshit ever!

    We the people create all new money into existence via a promissory note/obligation (principal only).
    Banks risk absolutely nothing in pretending to lend money, they give up no commensurable consideration of value whatsoever.

    This video only has some truth to it.

    Please search in YouTube > The Banks First Three Crimes.
    Or, Mathematically Perfected Economy™

  4. Sometimes I hate myself for noticing but you need to change "tired" to tried… It makes a difference. (0.32MS). What is your situation now? What state are you in? Sounds like we are going through nearly the same thing. I was loaded onto the conveyor belt, run through summary judgment and eventually lost entitlement to my assets. This came after I presented absolute proof that the bank NEVER IDENTIFIED ME, had no physically signed contract with me, had fraudulently forged letters and documents to make the loan possible and had used one document for three loans…. ALL of this happened while I was 40nm off the West Coast of Africa!! That was 8 months ago but I am still on my property despite the judgment against me. They are deciding what to do with the rewards for the last 40 years of my working life. We need to wake people up to the fact that our Constitution has been waylaid and the Commonwealth of Australia is a Corporation registered on Securities Exchange Commission in the USA. Check it out at

  5. Yes it's sad that no one knows this. Well I'm starting to post this now and we are in the process to become secure creditors. I back you all the way. It's a hard road but we have to stop the fear the banks have put on us. GOOD ON YOU and keep up the good work

  6. The Link to the study page for ucc contract law. 12 lessons for learning how to administer the Courtesy Notice process from start to finish

    In late 2012, the One Peoples Public Trust (OPPT) was formed after more than 3 years of intense investigations into BANKING, TRADE, FINANCE and JUSTICE
    All Corporations and Corporate Governments are registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission Washington DC. Making them foreign corporations bonded to their international shareholders and not 'we the people'. They all legally and lawfully FORECLOSED on themselves due to their inability to rebutt the UCC filings that were registered by the OPPT – One People's Public Trust. These UCC filings are listed under the 'Declaration of Facts' filing UCC #2012127914. All thirty filings have now been ratified into International Law.

  7. hi
    im a slow learner….i've just stated reading about all of this and i'm blown away. i started doing research on how to get out of the debt that is chocking the life out of us, when i found this……can ANYONE help me in south africs…someone who has gone this route and can prove this 'works'?

  8. John until a recent event I was unware of such things, hence much study has been done by me. My question to you is this do you have knowledge which will lead to regaining control of the prepaid account(birth cert bond), filing the ucc1 forms where to get them and whom to send them too. cheers

  9. Hey John I am doing a lot of research at the moment and am a member of Get Out Of Debt Free. I have used the letters .            A strange thing happened on Friday I went to their website which is the UK site but then I noticed all the flags were gone. I had to get a new password and then was able to log on. I was then able to find the Aussie flag but everything has reverted back to pounds. So I am just wondering if the letters will still have all the relevant Australia laws.  Have you heard anything I am still waiting for a reply from them.

  10. Hi John, yes it is a shame that most of the general population are so conditioned as to believe this is for bludgers who refuse to pay our bills etc
    Even the Bible states that many will perish….sadly, the sheeple who are in an hypnotic shleep will never awaken.
    However, enough about them, I have registered with getoutofdebtfree and it's a fantastic resource. However, I need to contact someone to clear up some grey areas. I have the promissory note and need to learn more about activating it. Once learnt, the rest will follow.
    I don't do this for myself. Rather to help others who are sadly shackled with debt, especially struggling families.
    Thanks for fighting the good fight. Many blessings.

  11. Thank you John. Very valuable information. I just have one question if you could email me, let me know and i will provide my email! I have been researching this for about 3 months now but i have one little question

  12. great video, I've read n heard about this a long time ago with the case about Jerome daly but have had no idea how to use this for my family? so your saying its possible to get out of debt free? I understand all the fraudulent agreements that are made n know we are being scammed but never know how to use that info to get out of debt, it's just been knowledge I've known for years but I wanna know HOW to do it

  13. I am attempting to learn how to do this myself in the UK and then record and share that process I am a media dude so if you need any help let us know, power to the human!

  14. Gina Edmonds quoted "I have registered my drivers license with my birth registration number the day I was registered not the day I was born if that is of "set presidence" (help) to you" – its my understanding that the DOB which coincides with the day one was told they were born is the "debtor account" and the DOR (date of registered) which one can read further down their proof of receipt to the trust in the legal fiction/corporation/entity name is the "creditor account"; thus when asked for your DOB, one should give the latter date, as it settles all your public debts. Is that correct. No?

  15. I got rid of 8000 from HSBC criminal syndicate thanks to get out of debt free.  I'm dealing now with the 2nd collection agency that bought the phoney debt.  It's so simple!

  16. It's rather sad, that such an informative video that has the potential to save millions of lives by taking control as a creditor; not the debtors [slave] that powers-to-be wants you to believe; only has little over 3200 views in 2 1/2 years; when some sheeple with a little creativity post some mindless video of pure and utter shit; goes viral within 72 hours. Its a sad reflection of the society, that majority of you 'reside' in. Lets spread the world People. An organized financial collapse is only around the corner. Therefore we do not want our fellow brothers and sisters been fooled with a solution by those who created the problem. INFORMATION IS POWER. Its what you do with that power matters the most! What are you waiting for?

  17. shawn soundz like he wants to be a slave let them own his emotion, cos when it falls over he come running back and he has to swallow his pride, and stand up to say he fucked it up…….I have registered my drivers license with my birth registration number the day I was registered not the day I was born if that is of "set presidence" (help) to you……….but i totally agree with you, just learning but I already have jumped ahead leaps and bounds thanks bro, facebook?

  18. I love this whomever put this together, I wish to meet with you, and shake your bloody hand, from Aotearoa Niu Tireni, not New Zealand on the sea, or paper kiaora bro Christian 1965/74565

  19. Any got MAGIC BEANS ? oh' you guys have!?!…, it's a SCAM guys, buy NUTTERS, google is your real friend guys, do some Research first, if it smells like shit, it's shit!, get some sound financial advice from a professional.

  20. If there is no money lent out, then how could you be obligated to pay anything back by contract? The bank hasn't put up a lawful form of consideration to bind the contract then wouldn't it become null and void?

  21. A single signature contract is a "unilateral contract' – which is unenforceable in a court of law.
    Two (2) signatures (that binds both parties) on a contract is a 'Bilateral contract' – which is the minimum requirement of all contract to be lawful.
    Three (3) signatures (Both Parties and a Witness to the signature) is a Lawful and Legal Contract. Look up – Offer and Acceptance "elements of a contract" that should help you.

  22. GOLD! You are pure GOLD mate! Since that video, I have been able to discharge my 256K mortgage loan and now own my home outright. That's 300K in 6 months. Not to mention I have helped family, friends and others that requested my help. All in all, I have helped make over 1.3 Million disappear and there is nothing the Banks and their criminal Debt Collectors can do about it. So, just like my last question to you. If I am a Nutbag. What are you then??? lol

  23. @chotaboy66 Mate, No Offence! But I can assure you 45,000% that what I have stated is true and correct! I can also tell you that currently I have served the CEO of this very bank, over 1.6 Million dollars in penalties for breaches of copyright and trademark laws, which I will be enforcing very soon with a statutory demand. Two can play at this game and I can promise you this will never see the inside of a court.

  24. @salimian They don't! That's the problem and that's what I am hoping to help end, like many other Australians are trying to do while we still can, as our freedoms of speech are all but gone and using the Internet to get the message out and more importantly the education out! INFORMATION IS POWER! We have been systematically dumb down to not to know this! It's not over til the fat lady signs and then some!

  25. @waza8u1 I will check that out, it sounds interesting! Im not sure if this is relevant to your comment, but I have always believe to abolish ALL TAXES and only make a tax of 1% on all banking transactions. Can you imagine the money that would be generated from that! But after a lot of research I have discovered that Australians shouldn't be paying any tax whatsoever!

  26. @chotaboy66 So in actual fact our loan account with the bank is a zero balance the moment they cash it in. Hence why I am taking on Westpac about securization of my home loan. I agree with everything you have pointed 100%, but they in break of so many federal laws it's not funny and they are criminal! But I truly appreicate your comments for the fact that others can learn the truth! Thanks again!

  27. chotaboy66 Mate, I know what you borrow is created out of thin air, but I figure it would be too much of a brain overload to the average Australian that might watch this video. Yes it is a promissory note that we sign for our future worth that we promise to pay that sum of money. But that promissory note is sold or cashed in to the federal reserve bank and our "trust" account pays for the full sum to the bank or the lender. .

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