41 Replies to “Get started with your new Chromebook”

  1. I just love my Chromebook. I'm a teacher and it helps me with all daily tasks. It lasts all day long and I can work offline too. No regrets, no complaints really. Greetings from Brazil 🙂

  2. please accept a polite, respectful comment from an old gentleman. you are a very attractive young woman, w/ a fun, perky delivery style. written from my chromebook, covered w/ crumbs & cat hair [the chromebook, not me].

  3. I literally only use my laptop for writing a few documents and watching YouTube and Netflix. I don't use it that much anyway. I use my phone more often. this would be good for people who rarely use their laptop but still need it for a few things like this

  4. Wow, this was actually both entertaining and informative. I am deciding between buying a Windows netbook or a Chromebook. The one thing holding me back is the unfamiliarity with Chrome OS. But if getting the Android apps on it is really as simple as it seems, I think that's my choice made.

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