28 Replies to “Google Assistant: Succulent (Awkwafina)”

  1. I want to compliment google for taking the risk and not disabling comments on product video. a smart move because I always assume any product that does disable comments might be hiding something about the product. but then google knows that when customers give feed
    back. even if it's bad it's a chance for them to come up with a solution, that produces a
    superior product over companies that do not pay attention to their customer desires.
    disabling comments is censorship, for any creator. like how the EU is holding youtube
    economically liable for every creator and comment, so no one can't criticize the EU.
    we should condemn the EU for this human rights violation. a hands free google search and
    device to do that does look like a convenient product to have. and you could use it like a
    second tab "google spell convenient". you should also be able to interface with the
    device in a chrome tab, without having to talk to it. maybe like router setup page but for user
    use over just configuring.

  2. Am I the only one who finds Awkwafina’s voice sexy? Ever since “Guy Code”, and “Girl Code”; listening to her speak is my guilty pleasure ❤️😍 Love that huskiness for some reason.

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