Google Chrome Extensions: Content Scripts and Isolated Worlds

Aaron Boodman, an engineer at Google, presents content scripts, one of the features of Google Chrome’s extension system, as well as the concept of isolated …


19 Replies to “Google Chrome Extensions: Content Scripts and Isolated Worlds”

  1. is PHP usable in extentions?

    IE. i have a website built in PHP, would i be able to create a PHP page, to retrieve information from my personal databases to display onthe page?

  2. Yes. If you want to communicate with a page, and the page wants to communicate with you, there are several ways to arrange a protocol.

    Isolated worlds are meant to prevent unintended interactions.

    — aaron (the mouse guy)

  3. So theoretically could isolated worlds communicate with each other via a predetermined text protocol by adding or modifying a pre-known (e.g., p id="IsolationBuster") DOM element?

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