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  1. Hi, is there a way to duplicate a Google Doc and change the name and some content, for the document. I am used to using Word and using "save as".

    When my daughter is sick, I send a note to the school with the only changes that are made is to each note is:
    . the date I sent the note
    . each day and date she was off school sick for that period of time

    when I save each note, I "save as" with the heading – absent 1, absent 2, absent 3………then place each of these notes in a folder name for that year – 2011, 2012, 2013

    This way I can keep track of the days my daughter is off sick and keep track when the school contact us of a missing absent note

    I suppose this would be the same when you are doing a letter for work/business and have to send the same letter , but just change a few details (and possible to keep each copy)

    With Google Docs, it doesnt have the "save as" option, as it saves your work as you go – but what happens when you need the "save as" option, same letter but to change small sections of it

    Thanks Sean

  2. This is always the case with Google apps: Has no relation to the instructions or demos. The most fundamental basic function has no relation to the real world experience of users. .e.g. I open docs and and there is no template pane as shown. It's either their way or the highway.

  3. Thanks so Much for your professional presentation and it is very important to me , but the embded width is not increase. how to make Width 100% Full. Please Help me. Thank you.

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