10 Replies to “Google Docs Offline”

  1. I guess there's no way to open documents that are shared with you when you are offline? I just tested and it looks like I have access to some of the shared files when i'm offline, but not all of them. I wouldn't expect to have access to any of them, so I'm wondering why I do have access to some. Is there a way to manually tell Google drive which shared files you would like access to offline?

  2. Thanks for this, Art, but even as a (current) student at a University I'm a little confused : why are so many of the Google Docs tutorials specifically for educators ? As someone who doesnt want to have to drag a 2kg laptop everywhere I go (or be tied to a single operating system / app suite), I'm immensely excited by the possibilities Google Docs opens up but I'm still not willing to take a risk on my lecturer opening one of my assignments in Word or Excel and having a graph or whatever splayed all over the page. Thanks again for this.

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