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  1. Nice and useful video! Please!: regarding 9:10 -when you start describing collaboration on real time-, our team noticed editing and in general working with the document at the same time, slowed down everyone´s interaction with the document, so much we had to stop and go back to business as usual. This happened when more than three of us were working at the same time. Were we doing something wrong? It was a document which demanded of the input of several experts: legal, finance, technical, environmental and others.Can it be somehow solved? Somebody told us we where confusing the system, which could not recognize which was the latest version to keep.

  2. Dude!

    We had noticed the change to spreadsheet! Will implement today, we always just kept it seperate aince it was a pain to always try to remember to update.

    Thanks have a great day!

  3. Hi Steve . . . . I love love your videos! Watching your videos is like looking over the shoulder of an advanced user that is still discovering features.in real time. Videos produced by other YouTubers are “perfect” but doesn’t show what might go wrong when doing what you are demonstrating. One ☝️ feature that hasn’t been covered well is pivot tables. Mayor you have covered that feature in the paid area. Another suggestion is to video on the case for G-Suite vs Microsoft Office, Maybe do the video on Google Slides. Keep up the great videos!

  4. All of your Google stuff is hugely helpful. Their info for users has improved but still falls far short. Thanks for catching me up – collaboration. and sharing are vital.

  5. recently all my drive & folders shared but no was having rights …. still the people folder was present … i thought its a bug, tried everything of doing many things. then i created new folders and sub folders and moved my stuff into

  6. Collaborating is great. My only issue is some of our customers don’t know how to do this and thus keep emailing us copies of the docs. Maybe I can send a link to this video as a tutorial. Thanks

  7. Thanks for this Steve. I run a couple of businesses with people from different countries and without Google's easy to use collaboration tools (so much more straight-fwd than Office 365) we couldn't do it, But I never knew about suggestions!! THAT is so cool. Didn't know about spreadsheets inside Docs either. Insane! although I don't see the need for that one. Cheers.

  8. Hi Steve , I would like you to make a video about the best current option to replace the laptop with a Smartphone? I mean something similar to Samsung, or for example the option to install sentio and such but something that allows us to know what is the best current option. Best regards.

  9. My goodness, such perfect timing as my colleagues and I have just upped our google docs collaboration. So I just got on this morning to search for a tutorial on how to do so, and it seems you posted this only yesterday. Whoa! Magic!! Thanks, R

  10. Thanks Steve
    I find myself using Excel for my own ad hoc analyses but Google Sheets for just about anything that will need to be shared with a team. Real-time team collaboration makes it all so much easier!

  11. Hello Steve. I have the Joist software which is an online contractor software…I like the fact that I can give folks my password for the team to access my customer base and their time sheets for pay. The only thing is I have the worry of database tampering. Is there anything you can suggest to protect my data? At present the company (Joist) doesn't have individual user sign-in

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