19 Replies to “Google Drive / Docs / Sheets Tutorial 2019 – Quick Start”

  1. Would love a tutorial on Google sheets! In particular, I am creating a database with names, addresses, emails, etc. One column will designate a specialty. How do I get that column to autofill as I begin to type the specialty (so I don't have to type the whole word out)? Thanks so much Anson! Excellent tutorial!

  2. Hello , I was wandering if it’s possible for a person to have 2 google account 2 different profiles pictures 1 email address for both? And why?
    I greatly appreciate if anyone can answer my questions.

    Other question why can I change the profile picture of another google account user that has blocked me or at least it’s what I believe.?

  3. Excellent! Your explanations are very clear and easy to understand! Thank you! If you can explain more features of google drive, such as back up & sync files, it will be great!!

  4. Good tutorial, Anson. I've been trying to talk myself into leaving my MS Office environment, which I've had since 1988 with Windows 3 and MS Word for Windows. I don't need the power of the full-up Office environment anymore, and by moving my computer to Chrome OS, I obviate the need for my Norton security software, which I've used since some of the earliest Norton Utilities for DOS.

    I think I'm ready to make the jump, but I'd like to know
    1) whether the Norton Web Security Services are still worth having in a Chrome OS browser, and
    2) how convertible is Outlook email over to GMail? I can see batch forwarding the keepers if need be, but is there a quick step? Thanks for any useful info, or better, a good link/resource to transitioning from MS to Google for Dummies……..

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