10 Replies to “Google I/O 2011: Map your business, inside and out”

  1. @ObjectOriented64 @magicfrog75 @esamsoe & others: Hi guys … Overlay Tiler UI is open sourced. The rest is still in progress. code.google.com/p/overlay-tile­r

  2. Can I create an interactive site where i have all my buddies, clients and business on the Google map? What is the legal limit? Can I have 1 million addresses mapped on my site?

  3. Oh that overlay-tiler is just too convenient and cool! I had to do my building by hand. Take a screenshot of Google maps, import my vector floor map into Photoshop and rotate and scale until it fit, then get all the transformation values and move those back into to my master image frame before exporting tiles.

    It's also nice to see how much progress the Maps API v3 has improved over the last year. Developers don't need to do everything manually, like I did back then. Time to rewrite my maps…

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