38 Replies to “Google Pixel 3 XL Review: The Shadow of the Notch!”

  1. It's amazing when it works, but.. My brand new 3 xl broke after 3 months (!), they sent me new one and this one broke after 3 weeks (!!) Same thing – black screen – not valid operating system. Now they sent me refurbished one even though they promised to send new device. Ughhh lying customer service representatives and a device that you cannot rely on… and I thought there's nothing worse than HP…

  2. Great phone. Best camera they say. But the damn BIG notch….is a deal breaker for me. Just as the key punch camera on the screen of the Samsung S10 is a deal breaker. Good thing I got my Note 9.

  3. if pixel and one plus 6t McLaren edition had a baby … that would be the perfect phone. pixel only really has the camera and arguably the rear fingerprint scanner that i like other than that one plus has the better everything else.

  4. As an artist… The Notch is a deal breaker. I'll stick with my old iPhone 6+ (which works just fine nearly 5 years old btw) until all phone-makers pull their collective heads out of their big giant collective ass and rid the market of the fucking notch.

  5. I just got a pixel 3 and the screen is awesome. idgaf about the chins. they are better than that notch. and i ride bikes so i dont want a gianormous phone. And the pixel 3 is easier to 1 hand than the pixel 1.

    the star this year is those speakers tho. And the best earbuds i've ever had. They sound decent and actually stay in my ears.

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