43 Replies to “Google Pixel Slate: This Ain’t It Chief!”

  1. You are comparing a smart car to a Mercedes! what is the point of this video, compare the equal model to the Apple… you just wasted minutes of my life, let down video

  2. That's what Google does. They release unfinished products for a premium price and literally turn their clients in Beta-testers.
    The whole idea of what they are doing is toxic at best and I will personally never use Google products again for this reason alone.

  3. I have a strong theory about why Google doesn't care about its products: they only develop the Pixel lineup to avoid being considered as a monopoly by the US government. Most of their revenues come from Google Search paired with Google Ads, the only work on other projects to send the message that they're a diversified corporation that competes with tons and tons of other companies on smartphones, wearables, software, etc.

  4. While Google should not have sold a tablet running a 3000 x 2000 resolution on a Celeron you kiiiiiinda got what you paid for and this harsh review was sort of unfair.

  5. I agree that Google should never have sold the base line Pixel Slate, they should have started with the Core m3 model as the basic option. However, I think you were very harsh to compare it to an iPad Pro, because that's not a fair comparison.

  6. Make a Nexus 12.2 " super amoled tab with a Stock Cyanogen mod O.S with Usb C 16mp cam with flash pure android No bloat ware bs
    Bloatware is just intrusive built in apps leaving you with lag. Would be nice to Let the consumer design what the consumer ends up buying but it will never work that way.

  7. I had a lot of Hope for you review, after having seen you botch the pixelbook review, and was flabbergasted to see that you pitched a Celeron equipped pixel slate against an iPad. Shame on you. I can no longer consider your reviews truly professional, you're living apparently up in the stratosphere of technophiles, and glad to deceive yourself about being objective, when in fact you seem just as glad to slam Google because it's easy then to do something that's actually thoughtful. I'm unfollowing you from YouTube, it's just not worth it to hear review said really don't it says things realistically are objectively.

  8. Hey MKBHD could you do a summer or end of year revisit on this for this to see if any major changes were made and if they were significant enough .
    Seems that the whole line is drawing some attention in my area and i've been curious about getting one in a year or so when it's cheaper, might even use it for drawing XD, would be much appreciated

  9. Not 100% on this prediction but i think Google kind of holding back while they work on something crazy i think the next gen or next years October event when they announce the pixel 4 and the new pixel slate they should both be well beyond the competition hardware and software

  10. Dude, you bought the base model. That's why it's so laggy in terms of performance. On the google website, they mention the specs & different prices and the $600 one is only for basic things. If you really wanted to see a big punch then you should've got the $1100 one, which is "built for work". Now everyone has the wrong idea.

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