21 Replies to “Google Play Presents Star Trek Into Darkness: Behind the Scenes with Benedict Cumberbatch”

  1. Ok, Ben really likes that interviewer! He shakes his hand as if to say, "You're a down/cool guy who let me talk freely and made me feel appreciated and valued without all the gimmicks that some interviewers do or feel they have to do during Press Junkits.

  2. It's amazing when you didn't know Benedict at the time of Watching Star Trek: Into Darkness then coming back after and just in wow because he is an amazing actor and in so many awesome movies! I knew he was the voice for Smaug in The Hobbit, but i didn't even know he was Khan in this movie when i had watched it. SO FUCKING AWESOME!!Β 

  3. OMG I'm from Livermore and have gone on many a school trip to the lab where NIF is and I totally freaked out hearing him say the words "Livermore, California". Lol the photon cream story is absolutely ridiculous πŸ˜‚

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