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  1. かつてヤフーが検索エンジンを独占したころすい星のごとく現れたグーグル。

    No te pierdas la nueva serie GOOGLE P&R (Preguntas y Respuestas). Hablamos de todo con Googlers y expertos SEOs pero esta vez eso si en Español. Visita el primer episodio de Google P&R en https://youtu.be/BE5Um8k13oE

    En el primer episodio tuvimos al Googler Juan Felipe Rincón y los expertos Aleyda Solís, Gianluca Fiorelli, Fernando Maciá y Cristián Sepúlveda


  3. Wow, This the most information Google has ever freely given out Excellent Hangout! Thank you for having Andrey Lipattsev and thank you for the Transparency!

  4. Possible intellectual thoughts to think about: (a) What if there exist tangible measurable data which supports that Companies whom provide "Custom" manufactured products (not your typical off the shelf widgets or services or extablishments) continue to notice an overwhelming (statistically significant) customer base that continues to engage with a "custom" manufacturing businesses using land based computers / laptops. What if a responsive mobile presence is not the ideal choice for a customer when ordering a "custom" online product? How may this be deemed as cognative relativity? (b) How about a BETA program that allows Companies to provide (submit) concrete relevant data regarding it's accumulated results and interactions with it's customer base within the "custom" online industries (Or all industries, regardless). ie What if a "custom" manufacturer realizes No Charge Backs, No Returns or No Missed Deadlines over the course of 5 yrs via a BETA program? Wouldn't this be a the most highly relevant and both an interesting factor to weigh? (c) Thinking a Companies Core Values and Beliefs drive the overall purpose of a Company over time… i.e. then, now and 100 years from now? What if a Company unwittingly steered off their Core? Is it not wise to adjust? There has to be more then just clicks, time (as one pointed out – answer in 30 seconds or less), comments, likes, load times, responsive, links, keywords… and social currency? from which a Company's Core concrete foundation is built that continues to go un-noticed and un-measured? Is it not the purpose to give the prospect the best or one of the best experiences? Thank you for these interesting Q&A's.

  5. good conversation…clearly "it depends" is often the best (and easiest answer).

    A specific question I would like to see answered is whether Google applies any ranking priority associated with the TLD… we have been trained to stick with .com, .net, .org. domains. but recently I am seeing more results that suggest this is changing. I would be interested in any comments form Google or those who have also tested this.

  6. Very nicely done. Entertaining and informative. I especially liked the conversation around Rankbrain and machine learning. The funny bit about how we search on a desktop vs voice search. Whole minutes on the word "without." Can't wait for the next one. Count me in!

  7. "If you are writing in your own language you are working in less competitive environment and you are lifting the local economy."

    "India – fantastic programmers, all working for other countries, making other countries rich"

    This is not how economy works Ammon…. this is such a bad advice and wrong logic. It will be a good idea to abstain from talking about economics. Please keep your focus on SEO and stuff that you are good at.

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