41 Replies to “Google Wave Developer Preview at Google I/O 2009”

  1. You can be pretty sure that google's "intelligence community" clients are using this happily today.

    I would use it today, but it was discontinued in 2012.

  2. Everyone knoes google wants to collect informaion on everyone, possibly sells this to government agencies or corporations.

    I never look into conspiracies, and tbh i dont really care tha much, but i think most are aware of this.

    This is just a loophole for them to get more of your personal data by hosting the messages instead of them being in YOUR  inbox.

    Laws, such as those from the EU supposedly prevent google from reading everything they want if its in your inbox.

    But if its in their hosted servers…its theirs…and they can do as they wish.

    The funniest thing is there is very little difference between this or email except its hosted and not yours.

  3. Yes, we had e-mail back in 1976 on the DEC System 20… a lone dot on the last line sent it…. Since then, I've longed for VidLink tele-phane that let's you interact by continuum, protocols— speak when you wish, it pauses, backs up a tad to let you reconnect thoughts; works whether you're next door, conferencing on 14 sec. loop-delay, back tomorrow; I've written screenplays showing this feature, since 1984, based on my privately-publicly-articulated-definition-thereof. I'm glad to see Google doing something 5 years ago but I'm still waiting for the audio+video… (VidLink conferencing has 'bozo-pairing' buttons for loosing cross-conversants to free-spin…) (Another nice system-feature is that old-phone visitors get the vox-lock interaction too…)

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