36 Replies to “Google’s bias problem is more complicated than you think”

  1. My opinion or well what we see in reality is that congress is full of a bunch of older people who may not understand technology but at the same time we do see how bias companies are. Look at amazon Alexa. Steven crowder did an episode asking Alexa questions and how she answered was biased based on what values the company holds whether it’s political or not. Political bias is worse with companies because whether it’s faults or not they will shove it down your throat.

  2. There is a simple solution. Open-sourcing the algorithm. It just won’t ever happen, because even we, the users are so bound to these companies, that we won’t stand up for it. Obviously there is no way to not be biased, therefore we need full transparency! We need to exactly know what is being promoted and hidden through these algorithms. This needs to be a basic right in a modern democratic society.

  3. As an old schooled programmer who programmed in Assembler amongst a ton of other languages, I can tell you that Search Engines are simply programs that look for keywords called Meta tags, they can be programmed to be biased , the only way to be sure is to take their source code, compile it, then analyze the source program to see if bias exists.

  4. The big tech companies are very biased their mostly LIBERALS, their. Censoring conservatives speech for so called hate speech. They are going use that as a Pretext to censor everyone who oppose their even liberals. They trying make the internet like tv , filter water down information when finally get to the individual. We have multi billionaire
    Dictating what hate speech to regular people , nothing can go wrong

  5. Firing James D'Amore did it for me. YT is the only Google thing I use except for some Google stuff for work. DuckDuckGo baby – just as good as Google and they don't track you.

  6. Verge should stick only to tech reviews they should not go technical or political. It is not a thing for reviwevers its way above thier intellectual level.

  7. This video itself is bias. Why don't you mention bias towards terorrist attacks in Google , whenever stuff like this happens the top things that appear in your feed is " van crashes into crowd" instead of calling it a terror attack whereas something related to the "right wing" would've immediately pointed out.

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