36 Replies to “Google’s Leaked Video on Mass Behaviour Modification”

  1. Yes, and nudging everyone into accepting Doctor Who created an entire internet community of rabid reavers calling everyone sexist and racists because they…didn't like a show. So success?

  2. You're missing the big picture here, don't you realize what this means? We'll now be able to predict racist, sexist, homophobic, Islamophobic, transphobic, xenophobic, and abelist behavior and thoughts before they manifest in observable actions. Oh wait…

  3. Is Sheryl Sandburg's "Lean In" is an example of creating obedient workers. Also, what about the push to get 50% women into STEM careers? Maybe the whole Feminist movement was an experiment to get more obedient workers for the Master Corporations. The downside, is that the smart women stopped having as many children and as a result the IQ level has dropped because the dumber women who couldn't qualify for these corporate jobs had more babies. School teachers are now less capable and intelligent, because teaching was shamed as a "women's" job. Betty Friedan started the "Career will fulfill you more than family" movement in 1963. Her husband was a publisher and she a writer who graduated from same college that Gloria Steinem did. Just speculation.

  4. Perhaps that is the way we are already being moved. The internet is a pervasive thing and the embedded values of the corporations that exist on it will become our values. It may be possible to engineer changes in society that create the end to global warming or, a diminution of the human population or, sequestration of raw materials or, the end of certain epidemics or, stopping a war. Once there is a human behaviour algorithm that can accurately be predicted in terms of its responses we are going to be subject to mass manipulation from time to time. Are we there yet? Possibly.

  5. It's here already. Too many in today's society cannot think for themselves. They can't even do simple math in their head. They have no skills regarding abstract thought and can only chant a mantra they've managed to read, but more than likely don't even comprehend. If there was a catastrophe, they'd likely die within 2 weeks. It would be a plus if they would self terminate and render the planet SJW free.

  6. At about 3:30 its refers to as a "Lemarkian" Ledger, as a Paleontologist, this point right there is completely anti-evolutionary. this is anti-science, or more precise, B.S. Do your homework and read a science book, this kind of thinking is disaster

  7. The thing is , "diversity" eventually leads to homogenous society.
    Remember when you could go to a different country and they had their own style of clothing? Everyone dresses the same now.
    Globalist and leftist want everyone to be a shade of brown and mixed so that there is no diversity.
    They are racist and claim they aren't'

  8. "A global good" hu? It is in line with what's written by eugenist co-founder of UNESCO Julian Huxley, who happened to be the brother of the writer of "A happy world", Aldous Huxley. Julian wrote "UNESCO, it's purpose and it's philosophy" and it is alarming, you can find it on the internet as a PDF of over 50 pages but it was clearly directed towards inside members just like this leaked video. You can find the breakdown on why it is alarming by typing in Goole (ironic btw) "The task of unifying the world's mind by Julian Huxley", and well… just know this isn't new I think we are actually reaching the peak of what elites projected for the past 100 years and are now just deciding what's next.

    BTW I work in marketing and graphic design. This is clearly corporative video, because they are not trying to appeal, they are simply explaining and it is obvious they spent a lot of money on making it, but if it was just a plain video for employees it would be too much to have spent on them, this is made for the higher positions. How do I know that? cause that's what you do when investors are the ones that are going to watch a video. You show them their money being used and you tell them what they want to hear, like "the company values" followed by an explanation on how everything will be done.

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