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  3. I make pie crust using palm shortening, which is actually better then Crisco. 1 one pie crust, 1 c. unbleached flour, 1/2 c. palm shortening, 1/4 tsp. salt, 1/4 c. cream. Mix flour, shortening, salt till crumbly. Add cream and mix till dough is formed. Wrap dough and place in refrigerator for about 20 minutes. Flour your surface and roll the dough out making sure the sides are even. Make sure your surface has flour on it while rolling the dough. Take your rolling pin and roll the dough around the pin and put it in the pie plate. Shape the dough in the pie plate and form the tops the way you like it. Use a fork to put tiny holes in the bottom of the pie crust. A trick I use to keep the top from sliding down is to put an aluminium pie plate on top of the pie crust. Bake at 375 for about 15 mins, take plate off and resume cooking crust until it is light brown. This crust melts in your mouth and your family and guest will come back for seconds!!

  4. This grandma knew what she was talking about. That is the best pie crust I have ever made. from one 75 year old grandma, my hat off to your talent. I made a chicken pot pie with this crust and loved it. I will make a fruit pie real soon. Thanks I have been looking for my old pie recipe from years ago and now I found it thru your delightful Grandma. Thanks grandson for filming her.

  5. I'll be the proudest grandma if you were my grandson but I'm too young to have one like you haha .. Love her dedication & beautiful labour of love even the wheat design. Thank you for sharing

  6. The sound of the rolling pin rolling out the crust took me back to my mother making pies for Thanksgiving dinner. Beautiful memory. Thank you for that.

  7. You do a great job of making pies and teaching others. I have made pies for years and get compliments as well. It is an art and very satisfying to make. The new bakers may want to know how long to cook the pies, of course they can just watch the pie until the top crust browns.. Thanks for the information. Your Grandson dill well also.

  8. To finish my previous comment, I was never able to achieve one I liked.. only barely edible. Your recipe was so easy and the water was the big difference… THANK YOU SO MUCH !

  9. Please understand I am not exaggerating. I have tried my whole life (I am 67) to make pie crust following my Moms recipe which I had written down. I never actually watched her do it other than to be with her, I never tried to learn how to when she baked. Stupid I know…. Anyway I was never able to get even close to hers. I have tried Ina Gartens recipe. I have tried cook book recipes. I have at best achieved a pie crust that was edible, never one that was great until watching you! I know now that I never used enough water. What a difference! My dough rolled out wonderfully! And it tasted wonderful ! Thank you so much !

  10. What a precious lady. I would give anything to have had a video of my grandmother rolling out homemade biscuits. You will always treasure having this.I thoroughly enjoyed and took notes. 400 degrees but for how long do you bake the pie? 🙂 Hope she will consider doing more videos.

  11. Love this Grandma! Thank You !
    I DO use a pastry blender (like five forks instead of one & the beads are small &- consistent. To add water, I turn on the cold faucet at a slight drip, hold the dough bowl under the drip moving it constantly. Stop and stir. Stop when the dough is uniformly wet & will hold together. Warning: this makes a very "short" pie crust that is fragile, but will melt in your mouth. Too much water makes it tough. My grandmother operated the City Cafe in our small town & made a minimum of 16 pies every morning @5:00 am. She was still baking 10 each morning just for friends /family when she was 92. 😁. Grandmother's are so so so Special

  12. I'm watching this in Feb 2019, Wow to you grandma! she is wonderful, and both of you made my day. Please tell her that I will make this my official video to prepare pies in my home, thank you for sharing her recipe.😄

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