1. What made you decide to use 40 vol. developer? I'm a student half way through school, and I'm still having a hard time understanding when to use a stronger developer and why. Thanks! Your videos are amazing!

  2. My mom just had her hair done she did a touch up on the roots but my mom roots have alot of gray. The lady just put a dark root color to cover up the gray now my mom has about a inch from the root that is dark and rest is blonde!, the lady didn't take pieces of the hair out that would be dark since she covered the roots and do pieces of blonde to that to even it out. How can we fix it to where the dark She used would even out with the blond and the dark? The lady did like a dark red it looks weird because about an inch of the hair from the root is dark then its blonde.

  3. I love this. I don't understand why my colorist does my roots dark and then do highlights over it. Seems twice the work and twice the damage. I have a 80% gray.

  4. The women's grey hair is beautiful. It's white in the front and darker grey in the back. Why cover that? A person would have to pay to get that look. I hope one day she lets it all grow out.

  5. hair color lasts no time on my grey, so last time, my stylist tried black with some violet mixed in. Lasted 2-3 weeks. πŸ™ So now I have decided to do something that blends with my grey so itsnot so traumatizing for me (I suddenly turned grey this year, a lot moreso than ever, due to ill health, and it was so quick, it was very depressing). I don't mind embracing grey, but i want to find a way to work with it and not feel washed out and ancient. I also really LIKE dark hair. I know this video is old, so hope I get some answers, but i am hoping for some advice for what I could do so the grey won't be so overwhelming – or so expensive in upkeep.It usually takes around 3 months for me to save up for the beauty shop. I know thats a long time, but… Anyway, I have been looking for easier and easier maintenance due to health as well, so chopping hair in the past year has proved emotional as well. If there is an easy maintenance hairstyle for thin, fine hair for an overweight, sick, 42 year old, lol, I would love to know- but mostly interested in low maintenance color.
    PS: She looks a lot younger after!!

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  8. dont like the stripes at the root, i would have went back in at the root and did a base break and drag it down a bit so there would be no line as the highlights grow out. the look is kind of out dated, I like more of a blended softer look om my older clients.

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