43 Replies to “He goes missing, his wife marries his best friend (who also wrote his life insurance policy)”

  1. How can you do that to your best friend man and then marry her wow. You and Mikes wife don’t have a heart at all. This is what lust and greed do.

  2. Stupid hoe!! I hope people like her rot in hell!! It’s sad how things like this happens especially to those who are innocent! Anyone who kills intentionally deserves the death penalty!

  3. Now, that's what you call using your head. I mean, who would suspect foul play, when a woman marries the guy who issued her the life insurance policy on her missing/dead husband? Cops: Nope. Can't be the wife. We have to keep looking…;)

  4. Seminol Lake, weird name…? "doesn't hold water" his mum said….he went missing at a lake and "foul play"(fowl in the lake)….lots of play on words in this video

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