6 Replies to “Health Insurance Profits From Denying Life Saving Coverage (w/Guest Wendell Potter)”

  1. Medicare Advantage programs are NOT the bad guys here… they very often get considerably better outcomes/“quality metrics” (admission rates/reamissions/lengths of stay, ect.) than “straight” Medicare ever could… that saves “the system” money.

  2. Innocent lives are being taken away by insurance greed, they are good for denying care for profit just like what they did to my beautiful Nataline. Thanks for sharing this with the public. "Insurance companies can't decide who is going to live and who is going to die". Together we can make a change.

  3. Insurance Corporations maximize their profits by taking money from healthy people and denying coverage to sick people. Get rid of meddlesome middlemen; go single payer.

  4. Speaking from Europe, the American healthcare system is a mess, but at least there's lots of millionaires out of it. I love how American's still suckered into the bullsh** red herring of calling European healthcare as "socialized medicine". So continue to have your messed up healthcare system (so called Obama Care was a mess that fixed nothing).

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