Healthcare Horror: Insurance Companies Dictating Treatment Instead of Doctors

Jordan Chariton & Jenn Dize reported on healthcare companies dictating treatment for patients rather than doctors. SUPPORT this reporting by contributing to …


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  1. Social Security has to be included in this round-up, too. Several months ago, I sent my mother to a nursing home for a few days; this is called "Respite". There was a mix up and the nursing home thought she was entering as a permanent client, so they contacted Soc. Sec., and changed her address which re-routed her Soc. Sec. benefits to their bank and their bank account. When the mistake was discovered, in an attempt to put things right, the nursing home sent the money back to Soc. Sec. However, it was not redeposited into my mother's account. At first Soc. Sec., said they didn't have the returned money. Then they said they couldn't find it. Then they said they couldn't talk to me about it because I wasn't my mother's "Representative Payee" even though I have been handling my mother's finances since 1989, after the loss of my father. My mother gave me four consecutive Powers of Attorney over the years, and I am named as her sole beneficiary in her Will, but Soc. Sec., says that POA's and Wills & Trusts don't mean anything to them; that the only thing they recognize is THEIR "Representative Payee". So, what they are doing is ignoring the will of the person who has codified their wishes and wants in POA's/Wills/Trusts, and replacing the will of the individual with the will and power of the state. Since the inception of Social Security, the Center Right has been drooling to get their hands on that pool of money. They have tried several times over the past several administrations to privatize Social Security so they can loot it and kill it off making us more and more dependent on scraps from the corporate smorgasbord for our survival. If they can't come in through the front door, then they are coming in through the back door by requiring everyone to put themselves under their jurisdiction. Social Security is not a part of the federal government. It is a private Trust like a Christmas Club. The federal government has NO BUSINESS MICROMANAGING SOCIAL SECURITY FUNDS. This is just the greed people who have hijacked our democracy trying to get away with a money and power grab. As a Representative Payee you are not allowed to use the client's money for anything other than immediate client needs, and the rest must be saved. If the client were in charge of their own money they could and probably would use it on their families, but in the instant scenario, it must be saved and when the client passes over, the federal government requires any residuals to be returned so they can take it never mind if there is a Will or other legal instruments put in place by the client. This is so wrong on so many levels and only goes to show how rotten this government has become. We need a new economic system where We, the People, are the beneficiaries and not the already obscenely wealthy thugs that have been looting us for the last 30-50 years.

  2. This sick joke here, is that the medical model cannot cure anything. All your drugs are designed to mask the presenting symptom, which they might do for you temporarily, then your symptoms will either roar back worse, or you'll develop a more serious set of symptoms.

    Medicare for all will eliminate a lot of stress and I fully support it, but it won't make anyone healthier. Drugs do not work for chronic disease, which is what most people have. 70% have serious side effects, like death, and they all add a toxic burden to the system, which is why you are in trouble in the first place. So in my view it is futile to get yourself involved in this system.

    To cure migraine, (or 95% of all illnesses) you must clean your lymphatic system, which is easily clogged and crushes the nerves and blood vessels in an area. This is the cause of all the "diseases" which are labels given to sets of symptoms they cannot explain because they have no idea what causes or cures disease. That is official. Western medicine does not offer cures, legally, they never claim they do.

    Of course, none of you will believe me, because for some reason you are able to see how corrupt every other industry is, but still operate with a completely unearned deference to doctors and molecular biology, which is leading you through a maze of fraud and illogic and suffering.

    Meanwhile, cancer, autism, heart disease, MS, Alzheimer's are ever increasing, and this itself should be enough evidence to make you question why the heck you are looking for help from a system that the statistics show is failing.

    So here it is again: pharma drugs don't cure diseases, they make them worse.

  3. Cigna is the worst they have lots of lawsuits because they are trying to kill people

    I can't relate because I pretend I don't have health insurance so I can get whatever the fuck I want for cheaper

    I am also against taking meds for myself because I know they will do way more harm then good

    Seriously never have Cigna it's better to just pretend you don't have health insurance over all but Cigna is the worst even if you have to drive miles for a place that takes better insurance do that

    I prefer out of pocket myself

  4. Depression isnt a disease. It is a natural, healthy reaction to stimuli. In RL depression is almost always something else with ‘depression’ as a side effect. Most common – your life sucks cuz your a slave living in an empire of evil. 2nd most common- diet.

  5. Just to clarify….. doctors should not dictate ‘healthcare’. USA law clearly states that each individual has control over their body and healthcare.

    7 years of a spine broken in 3 spots by my exfriend, a military man from a cop family…. and still cant get a fucking MRI. Also broken ribs and sternum. Also multiple kidnappings, tortures and druggings that got NO lab tests due to doctors aka “[white]Americas first line of defense”.

  6. After 4 eye surgeries, I see fine at close range, but need my old glasses with plain glass for my right eye and a prescription lens for my left eye…only need to wear the glasses when driving or watching TV. A real pain for me Off and on with glasses all day.

  7. I work every day denying tests and medical testing every day for the biggest Health insurer in the US. It sucks my soul working there. These insurance companies are literally killing people in the name of more profit… Every day hundreds of meds are added to the prior with list so they can be denied.. It's. Sin and should be a crime. Every single day I talk to people and have to tell them their meds or tests are denied because the insurance company decides money is more important than their lives… That the media is now blowing the doors off of this. Message me on Facebook if you'd like to talk further and do an expose…. I'm willing to do anything…..

  8. im not a physician, but my sister was…. she prescribed indica pot cookies for me to treat extreme back pain from an injury sustained when i as a child…… my cookies are about $140/month, and because they're made by my boyfriend, they're DELICIOUS… i'm sure such treatment could help with both depression and migraines…. i'd suggest viewing for more info about such treatments…

  9. You know you could always take half a pill or whatever you were supposed to at first and span the meds out or work your way up to whatever you feel works for you . Just because a certain dosage HAS to be prescribed for your insurance to cover it doesn’t mean you have to take the whole dose once you’re at home! A lot of times you have to self doctor in America . Some of them will be tricky if they’re capsules but still doable. Dosing yourself how insurance companies want you to just because that’s what they’ll cover, no bueno , you can get the meds and fill the script , however you don’t have to take that dose especially if your doctor is on board with you. I relate and live in Maryland . Hope this helps.

  10. For chronic migraines that don't respond to drugs or other treatments, try capsaicin. I've been adding a lot of hot peppers to my food for the past two years and so far it seems to take the edge off the worst migraines. I've made habanero poppers, ghost pepper sauces, spicy fruit preserves, chili cookies, and used them as toppings on just about everything. Be warned though, it's not for everyone, as it takes time to build up a tolerance to the heat.

  11. For depression try Stinging Nettles tea!!! Yes! I said Stinging Nettles! EVERY plant has value! Buy it at a health food store, use 1/2teaspoon for a cup of boiling water and drink. Drink throughout the day!! And sip some if you get up at night as well. It really helped me!!!

  12. My insurance company just denied me a spine surgery that would help me walk right again and relieve me of horrific pain. I guess these sort of things are elective. Now I have to somehow cone up with 50k while I can barely walk or function.

    I understand that I am just being whiny and corporate profits are more important.

  13. Don't inhale marijuana. I would be happy to cover your story on healthcare since I have done so much research already. But I need some kind of income. It has taken me a lot of work and I basically have been doing the work that the Cigna employees were supposed to be doing. And I am working as an independent contractor so I am available to take on challenges like this one.

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