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  1. It's funny, at work we run heavy equipment. Our largest excavators and twin-engine earthmovers run anywhere from $800k – $1.2m We plop a 19-year-old in the seat and say "Drive it like you stole it" because we want production. If that same 19-year-old was to get into a $200,000 car, they'd be so scared to do anything that might leave a scratch.

  2. I still remember I was freaking out for Doug when he drove the F40 on I-95 in Philly. While the experience to drive someone else's multimillion-dollar icon must be incredibly cool, the whole event must be very nerve-racking.

  3. I didn’t know that the owner is next to you in some of the cars. Although I’ve heard a couple people but the super expensive ones I didn’t know! Amazing info!!!

  4. Nice video, I'm still pissed you called bmw crossovers ugly full well knowing storm is coming as you even said it in the comments, but this semi QnA was good so I'll finally put my pitchfork down

  5. In response to the emotional aspect, I 100% get what you’re saying.

    When I hopped into the cockpit of a Lear for the first time (a ~$12 million airplane), it was neat for sure, but I wasn’t utterly awestruck.

    Then when I got to sit in the cockpit of a P-51 (I didn’t get to fly it), I felt like I was 8 years old watching Top Gun for the first time. The age and lifelong impact of a thing – a car, a plane, etc – is what really inspires that feeling.

    Thanks Doug. Love your stuff.

  6. What I don’t understand, which is pretty much an unfixable problem, stuff like the veyron and the 959 and especially the f40, those cars are almost priceless and near impossible to replace with money alone. If you wreck one of those, there’s only so many left on the planet. Certain cars are irreplaceable.

  7. If you trash a Bugatti Chiron, it's not ideal but it can be replaced with a new Chiron.
    If you trash a Ferrari F40, that's a piece of automotive history gone forever.

    I can see why that would focus the mind.

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