Here’s What I Think About an Italian Tune Up and More | Scotty Kilmer

Car tune up. Here’s What I Think About an Italian Tune Up and More, FYI with Scotty Kilmer. Does my car need a tune up? What’s an Italian tune up? How do you …


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  1. Do you think Italian tune ups are good? Have you had any luck with rebuilt AC compressors? Let me know what you think below!

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  2. Here's something I've done and it seems to work on old rubber. I was messing around with an older car and I had issues with breaking the plastic and rubber stuff. Literally everything I touched and some things I didn't touch. I decided to not waste any more of my time (getting pissed) and stopped for a bit (looking for thrown wrenches) while I contemplated getting replacement parts (cussing involved). For some odd reason I decided to spray all rubber and plastic parts with PBlaster and let it sit for a week (a week needed for the next time off from work to start messing with stuff again). After replacing the bad parts I continued messing around and noticed I wasn't breaking the rubber stuff any more. I figured the spray stuff I used might have softened up the rubber and plastic enough so they wouldn't be so easy to shatter/break. I'm not sure if the spray stuff I used was a good idea, if there's better stuff designed for that, or I got lucky and it did nothing and I broke all the bad parts first. Sorry for sounding like an advertisement.

    Did I mention "stuff" enough times yet?

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