Here’s What I Think About the Dodge Neon and More | Scotty Kilmer

Dodge Neon review. Here’s What I Think About the Dodge Neon and More, FYI and car review with Scotty Kilmer. Are dodge neons reliable? Are dodges good …


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    This was an excerpt from one of my Live Car Talk shows where I answer your car questions Live. If you enjoyed it, every Thursday at 1 pm CST and Saturday 10 am CST I live stream and answer your questions!

  2. 2:29 He is exactly right. My experience has been the last time I had my auto AC professional worked on I had to return the vehicle three times. Very costly repairs. Keep up the good videos Scotty, always fun to watch and learn.

  3. We bought a 120000 mile 99 Dodge neon and it lasted for a decade. Granted my dad was a mechanic who worked for dfw airport and several dealerships so we were able to give it regular maintenance. Was a good car and was the fist car I learned to drive on and also the first manual car I drove

  4. The biggest issue with the 2nd gen neons are the multi-function switch failing and the wiring to it melting. The entire current for the headlights is run through it and the wiring will eventually melt the plastic connector. There are kits available online to repair it but it doesn't solve the issue. You will need to buy a kit that uses relays and a new wire to the battery to reroute the current load off of the wiring/switch itself.

  5. Please help! I only have $2000-3000 to spend.
    I need a new car, but I want to know the best opinions on this price range. Anything cheaper would be a Huge help!

  6. I drive a 02 Neon and it’s so great! Not a single problem and it’s at about 189k miles on it. The only problem is me finding myself wanting to drive it all the time! Such a fun little car!

  7. I've had the same 95 neon for 9 years and beat the hell out of it and still have it. Wreaked 2 and walked away and own a 03 and the ole lady a 04 so tell me again how there bad cars.

  8. I have a buddy of mine, all he does is buy crap chevy cavaliers, dodge neons and old 90s cars. Pays 300-1000 bucks. Changes the oil and thats it. Might last him 5 years, when he is finally done with it or when something major breaks, he scraps it with very little money in the car. Sometimes none.

  9. Scotty I have an Grand Prix 2005 from Pontiac. I’m having a little trouble although I don’t get any light on my dashboard. My problem is that when the car get hot it shifts hard but when it cool it run smooth. I live in south Texas and lately is being very hot over 100 what could it be?

  10. Where can we submit our questions to you to be featured in a future video? Love you videos by a way. I'm a delivery driver, so my car is my life's most important appliance hands down.

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