Here’s What I Think About the Nissan 370Z and More | Scotty Kilmer

Nissan 370Z review. Here’s What I Think About the Nissan 370Z and More, FYI and car review with Scotty Kilmer. Is the nissan 370z reliable? Are nissans …


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  2. I love my 370z its my second one accually and i drive it everyday and its always great when i drive it somewere and everyone always asks me what it is cause no one ever sees one. They are so great to own and easy to fix but not much goes wrong with them cauee they are extremely reliable.

  3. Seems like they are pretty low on power compared to other cars in the same price range, albeit they are a bit lighter than most of the competition. The model is almost a decade old now.

  4. Issa truth

    I see so many high HP BMWs and Benz for sale for cheap in Sweden, everything looks good but then you look at who owns it, young guys 23 or younger with a RWD car. Most of the time it'll probably been driven extremely hard

  5. I have a 350 z and he's right. It is a bucket of problems. Ls swap is the only answer. Be very very very weary of what you buy, check it THOROUGHLY before buying it. Luckily dude who had it before dropped thousands on car mods before I got it. Only spent 2000 on a car with several thousand bucks worth of mods

  6. Not the collusion theory again! Scotty how does a company that makes valuation guides gain extra profits by overstating used car values when their online used car selling business charges flat fees for listing the cars?? Think, Scotty, think!! LOL

  7. My wife has q60 and i have 370z and we love them to death. Never had a issue with either. Only thing nissan makes that is suspect is their cvt's my cuz has a 2016 titan and he wont buy anything but… nissan.

  8. 6 speed. Vq35de. 69k miles. 16 year old maxima.
    I paid $6300.00
    You might think I'm crazy. Or you just might be picking up what I'm putting down.
    New oem intake/throttle body. Just for the hell of it.. quietness/mpg
    New monroe coil overs.
    New drilled/slotted rotors and brakes
    New battery
    New trans fluid
    New power steering fluid
    New tires
    New front end moog parts. Bushings/end links.
    Sold the trd off road prerunner. Now looking for a 2012 4×4 4runner to sleep in the back of.
    It takes on average 2 years for me to find my vehicles. They call me Mr shopper

  9. 13’ 370z Nismo owner here and I bought mine for 30k with only 5k miles and it’s been a dream! Not a single problem for 2 years just oil changes and a break fluid change (dealer recommend), honestly I have 100% faith in my car, the only thing is that I’ve gotten THREE nails on my rear tires since the compound is so soft haha

  10. I own an ‘07 Nissan Xterra. Runs about the same as it was 11 years ago, barely any problems, and I’ve not seen any recall history. Mostly I’ve changed oil, filters, but had to replace the radiator one year ago. Do you know of any common issues I should be aware of?

  11. His "criticism" of the Nissan Z has nothing to do witht he car but with the fact that it is a sports car. Thats not a rational review. Unwatchable. I stopped at the 45 second mark

  12. I'd have to disagree even the most beat 350Z or 370Z are pretty bulletproof. The VQ engine is super reliable. Bought a modded 350Z two years ago still running strong 270k miles with just normal maintence. The only downside of the 350/370 is you can build a faster car for cheaper or if your looking at 370Z you have allot of better options nowadays with how much they cost.

  13. Get a used VQ35HR 350z in good condition instead and make about the same power for less $. Unless you want a 370z then do you 🤷‍♂️

  14. It's sounds more like a personal thing because I know he loves Toyota and let's be realistic not everyone loves to toyota. everyone has different taste whether that car is good or bad

  15. Sorry Scotty but your not all right on Nissan's reliability. Although some cars they make are junk and have quality issues, others are rock solid reliable. The Murano and 370z and Frontier are very reliable vehicles. The Altima… Not so much after 2007.
    But I do love your videos!

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