Here’s Why the Acura Legend was the First Japanese Luxury Car in America

Acura Legend car review. Here’s Why the Acura Legend was the First Japanese Luxury Car in America, car review and car tour with Scotty Kilmer. Car show off …


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  2. I bought a Red 1990 coupe in 1993. It was a great car. Quick for its day. (lets not forget that the base Corvette had 245 hp back then). Like the guy says in the video, the manual transmission was a sweetheart. Overall, it was a great balance between fun, reliability, practicality and it actually looked good. But alas, the My red Legend Coupe left in 1997 with my estranged wife. It was worth it.

  3. Great video, Mr Scotty Quick question , do you think this is worth it ?.  I found a 1995 Acura legend coupe with original engine , with 98000 miles on it , the car is being parked for over 3 years at least,  with no activity (the owner say the car was running when he left he car there in the grass)the car have some body damage but the interior is in great shape, And don't mind pay  no more than $300.00 in the condition it is now. and work on it as project and keep it as my new toy . always wanted to work on a project car . Do you think is worth it ?? Acura NSX Wanna be .

  4. Amazing review! This guy has an amazing potential ! Very captivating when explaining things about the car and funny too. You are going far I subscribed to your channel. Keep up the great work !

  5. I worked as a service adviser at a Acura dealer from 1987 -1995 when Acura bought back some franchises due to lack of sales. Acura eliminated the Integra and in 91 came out with a new version of the Legend which was very poor. Sales fell off immediately and never recovered. They also came out with the Vigor (it was later changed to the TL) which had an inline 5 cylinder engine. POS .
    I agree the 90 model LS was the best Legend ever made.. BTW great video. I had forgotten some of the features of that car..

  6. I had a 5 speed '87 Legend sedan I bought in '88….So wish I could find another..Loved every moment I that I owned it…That motor ran like a Swiss watch…I felt that I had finally arrived when I took ownership of it…

  7. Those were gorgeous cars! I wish i'd had the money to get one back then. I remember one being for sale in the early 90s, same color and everything, I just didnt have the funds. I would get excited passing by it everyday with a for sale sign on it.

  8. "I'd like to thank Acura…for this and that"? What the hell!.. most every other Country (except the USA) upscale Hondas are sold at Honda Dealerships with Honda badges…not a phony made-up Acura badge . This is guy is a total fool/bozo…we'll stop there.

  9. I have a 2002 Honda Accord V6 EX fully loaded. Only has 126,000 miles. Everything is still in MINT condition and driving great. I think Honda made better cars in the old days.

  10. I hate the smotorized shoulder belt. When they break they cost $800 to fix because its a safety feature and can only be bought from the manufacturer. And you get a ticket if its not in the right position.

  11. I assume this is based on the 1990 Honda Prelude which is one of the best looking Hondas ever made IMO. Cars from this era, when done right like this, are so sleek looking without all the modern safety requirements bulking it up.

  12. this car was fun as hell. bought it for $800 around 15 years ago.
    long story short the rust killed this car (I live in rust belt).

  13. Cup holders? Who the hell needs them. I've never been a big fan of Japanese cars but the thing I like about this video is that the guy is pointing out a lot of reasons why Japanese cars became best sellers in the market, by offering more features for your dollar than American cars. I'd like to see Alex's Acura Legends in comparison with an American car of the same year in the same body style and price range. The straight body line styling was common to a lot of cars of the period, a little dull to me but looking quite respectable in retrospect.

  14. The reason there are four small horn buttons around the airbag in the steering wheel is that in 1990 car manufacturers did not know how to integrate an airbag and a horn into one unit. So instead of being able to just hit the centre of the steering wheel to honk the horn Federal standards required manufacturers gave drivers ample opportunity to hit the horn in the event of emergency instead of having one small button you had to try and find while you were driving.

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