20 Replies to “Home Remedies for Toothache Relief”

  1. The second video…. After listening to it I realized that he just told me to suffer until Monday morning. This is Saturday night and I don't have the oil at home… I'll need to watch another video.

  2. Toothache are never good, but there many was to deal with it.

    Water and salt raise.
    Use a mouth wash prescription by dentist.
    Take a tylenol pills,
    Add an ice pack on the area.
    Got a dentist appointment and go see a dentist.

  3. Went to the dentist yesterday for a crowned molar that feels like its going to freaking explode, they gave me a referral to an endodontist. Happy freaking New Year, I'm in so much pain I want to blow my head off. EVERYTHING CLOSED TODAY. WHEN IN DOUBT, PULL IT OUT

  4. Im 39 and to this day an abcess tooth is the worst pain ive been in. Over my appendix rupturing a broken bone, and kidney stone, and yes the kidney stone was very very small, im sure some will argue stones are more painful, which im sure they are, but not mine.

  5. Feeling your pain other viewers, PS. I tried salt water bonjela and cayenne pepper, didn't work well enough so went to the chemist and ask for what is the strongest painkiller you can give me without a prescription, gave me codein and tooth anesthetic gel, still in pain but don't feel like amputating my jaw to remove the pain anymore.

  6. Everyone if these dont work or you dont have none of these things 1 tip ive learnt is
    Sit back with ur mouth open and dont move your mouth and it takes some of the pain away
    Try it good luck

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