Honda Idle Surge Common Problems and How to Fix Diagnose Displate Giveaway

Honda Idle Surge Common Problems and How to Fix Diagnose Displate Giveaway ******CONTEST CLOSED******** Congratulations to Larry Bolan of Indiana …


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  1. Bro really start with the wrong part.. So the computer is trying to read something that was not designed for this car …wtf any diagnosis is crap till that issue gets fixed

  2. HELP. I HAVE A HONDA LEGEND 2001 CAR. ITS OVER HEATING AND SURGING WHEN IT GETS HOT. starts ok when cold. As soon as it gets hot it starts surging. Fan is not cutting on. Fan only on when you put aircon on. New radiator fitted still not working HELP PLEASE.

  3. Clean your IACV, and your throttle body butterfly. Those can both cause that idle problem. The fast idle only controls idle when cold, so if its happening when warm its likely your IACV or Throttle Body being dirty.

  4. I use choke clear and spray it down, see if the ideal changes. Also I seen throttle body get clogged from the vacuum system, ran like this one.

  5. I had the same issue. Nothing worked.
    Turned out I adjusted the tps and boom. No issues . Tps has 3 slots. 1 was causing my issue . Next stopped surge but had high idle. last was perfect. No more problems. 11-19-2018

  6. Would no alternator belt (and thus engine seating and running on just battery) cause these symptoms? My '99 surges like this but the alternator belt is off (alternator seized)

  7. So mine does this but when I put a load such as headlights or turn the AC on it stops surging anyone have any ideas on what I should check first with that info… Or just start at the top of the list and go down

  8. hi. you forgot to check the air boost valve which is the near of the FITV. it is on the right side of the intake manifold. you can bypass it as FITV. I thing your problem is it.

  9. My del Sol will idle high when it's cold then when it warms up idles really low and almost stalls unless I give it gas. Lastly it runs rich, this didn't start happening till I replaced a cam cap.

  10. I know this video is old but I hope you see the comment, did you ever find a solution? My issues is exactly like yours. I'm going to by the gasket that goes between the throttle body and the intake. I've been told that could be the issue as well. Please let me know what you did to fix your issue!

  11. 91 Accord….exact same problem….I think it might be in the ECU, kuz in my Integra has a bad aic, but it cuts off whatever it's doing, in drive, but on my Accord it does it while driving down the road, idk tho

  12. hi i have problem in honda civic 94 some time morning didnt work if work the engine slow down and up like breathing after 1 minute its ok some time wen i drive the car and stop try to turn again wil not start have to wait like 5 minutes or more

  13. On the 97 accord I have, the Idle air control is on the back of the air intake, like where the one in this video is, mines on the back and I can’t seem to see the fast idle valve, it should be around the same area this one is just on the back right?

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