16 Replies to “Hotshot with Authority – Episode 3 Backhaul Plus More Authority Admin Requirements”

  1. great videos, just a question about the cargo liability insurance, as you add drivers does the policy premium significantly increase or stay close to the same? As I understand it there is the commercial cargo liability insurance (the expensive policy), then each vehicle has a regular collision/liability policy that would protect the lien holder and owner of the transport vehicles, is this correct?

  2. Great video and information, would you mind telling me what mount you have for your iPad? Making a video of all your equipment inside your truck would be nice! Thanks

  3. I'm a truck driver I have my cdl and drive a semi truck I'm paid so little and I've realized hot shot is making more then triple what I make I'm quiting soon and getting into hotshot I'm tired of being so poor

  4. Do these brokers pay u on time ? Or cash on arrival ? Can u pls recommend some brokers names trustworthy ones cause i heard some wont pay u on time or never pay u lol i heard some terrible stories .

  5. Very informative videos. I hate that your series are so short (6 videos here, 10 videos there). Make therm almost like reality TV going thru the steps and the day to day. But keep teaching PLEASE.
    I can tell that you're super organized, maybe type A, which is critical to success.
    I'm similar. Type A. Hard charger, hard worker, ADHD lol. I lack the organization. I depend on others to help me with that.

  6. Good info. Thanks. I like the ‘what you pay for what’. That’s the real helpful part. Where do you sleep? When out on a trip I mean. That’s what bothers me since it’s a little bit grey with the ‘offduty’ line. Sleeping in the back seat isn’t sleeper time but offduty is offduty. I know hotel expenses are deductible but that adds up fast. So I am just wondering your take on it ‘so far’

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