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  1. Is the Apportion plate the same as the IRP account? I am looking to see how much it would cost and they want the Jurisdiction, Distance Traveled, Percent, and Max Gross Wgt that they want you to enter for each state. Kind of confusing. Maybe you can share some tips on that. Thanks

  2. I’ve also been told of you do not live in IN it’s not worth hauling the RV’s. It’s their home base as well. Nothing is personal because it’s always business. To each is own.

  3. Tennessee! Just getting into Hotshot transport. Thanks for the information. The most valuable conclusion for me is that I better take it slow and work at it with a comfortable pace. Thanks Josh… even though I like to-the-point videos, to have basically a 35 minute tutorial for free is awesome. Now, let me go checkout the other guy's videos that can edit! lol

  4. Hey Josh,
    You seem like your a pretty good businessman any reasons why your not using the IBC method to finance your businesses?

  5. Just Love It! Josh.. Having spent well over 40 years driving somebody else's Equipment across 48 states, all ways said I wouldn't own a class 8 truck. I've spent Many years of thinking about "hotshot truck'n" , finding you and your great attitude, On u-tube really makes the sale.. When you laughed at the scale, So did I, I feel your Pain..   Jo

  6. Thank you for the detail/specifics. It really helps to think about this. Plain Jane is fine because for those of us that are serious – we want the straight up info. Looking into this in Cali. Seems we do have the Enterprise truck rentals here so that's something for me to look into.

  7. $3,500 down, and 21 cents per mile? With an average of 10k miles per month that’s over $27,000 per year. Plus no depreciation write offs……

  8. Awesome info Josh. I am a courier now, traveling state to state, small to heavy loads, mostly van. I am considering going Hot Shot and a trailer. You make it easier to make a decision. Great format. Stay real. We appreciate it. Dan.

  9. Good morning ( TRUCK AND TRAVEL LLC. ) referred me to you . I had a tow car and drove for horizon for 2 years . I left there to have home time but I was thinking about going back . I am thinking about going back and lease from enterprise . I heard its $1500 deposit for enterprise and $1500 for horizon. It's about $0.22 to $0.24 a mile and work my way up to hotshot . I only have $10,000 and I dont think I would be comfortable. So I was thinking make about $5,000 to $10,000 with them then get a trailer and hotshot what are your thoughts . If you would like email me and and we can exchange numbers rhutto2012@yahoo.com thank you

  10. Hey Josh, very informative. I live in FL and just bought a 2018 Dodge Dually Cummins and want to put it to work. Most say there is not enough money in this to be worth the hassle, what say U? And this Enterprise leasing thing sounds great, can someone out of state lease one where u did?

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