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  1. I’m from Tupelo, Ms🤣. I got all my trucking experience running containers in Memphis for 4 yrs ran 4 yrs OTR with Big M Transportation now I reside in Dallas Tx since 2016. Hauling containers for Hub Group. Still trucking. Small world

  2. I checked out the site for Enterprise businesses rentals in Indiana. I couldn’t find the same vehicle or terms available. Can you give the contact info for the enterprise rental? Also, did you rent it separately from your arrangement with Horizon or was this deal available because you were driving for Horizon?

  3. Really good info Josh I'm a semi driver and I'm seriously considering on converting biting the bullet for the 10k and starting. I'm always near you on 55 I'm sure you know that road well

  4. Hey Josh D…Great stuff. Following you closely as I’m jumping in on the west coast. I have noticed some 40ft trailers and some 32/35’ trailers with the saying… "you run out of weight before trailer”…. Could you expand on your decision to pull a 40 vrs a 32 or even 35? Is it the additional ‘hotshot’ designates on the boards for 40’ trailers …..or the availability of LTL to stack your loads for increased rates pr mile? I’m struggling with picking out my trailer as I’m liking the 30+5, or the 28+5 hydraulic dove tail to load cars or equiptment on return loads.
    Any insight you can share is much appreciated. Thanks

  5. What's up Josh AWESOME CHANNEL I'm from Memphis Tn born and raised but any who I started RV transporting around the end of February never done anything like this in my life and immediately knew that ok my next step is hotshot so because of your videos I decided to speed up the process in getting in the hotshot game quicker then I was before I found your channel which is a good thing for me you know sometimes you have to see someone put your ideas to work before you are motivated enough to trust in it so THANKS! But I'm enjoying the RV thing myself but you right if you in it for the money you cant spend to much time doing it because it's not set up to be in your favor but the experience is everything I must say and I mean that in a good way.

  6. Thank you Josh. This is the best series on the tube for those of us interested in this adventure (I’ve seen them all and although good, yours stands alone)! I appreciate the detail, thought process descriptions and your delivery is excellent! Safe travels.

  7. Great info thanks for taking your time to do these videos. Can you get a little more in depth with the lease versus buying a truck ? You say $3500 deposit $.21 a mile if you’re running all month probably looking at around 12,000 miles a month. That’s close to the miles I run a month transporting RVs. Lease $2520 x 12 =$30,240 + $3500 = $33,740 a year vs buying a new $65,000 truck $1200 payment a month x 12 =$14,400 a year plus 15 oil changes at $100=$1500 a year plus set tire $1500 a year probably around $20,000 for payment and maintenance. Seems like a lot extra a year out of the profit maybe my math is off. Thanks

  8. Hello Josh, new comer here. Taking a minute to thank you for all yr time , and hard work you put in making these videos. Got to say of all the videos I've watched on YouTube abt rv transporting and hot shot yrs is number one on my book. lol. Yrs seem truthful and to the point, no holding back on anything especially on the earnings. Most ppl hold tht information, and give the run around on true information. Ty again and keep up tht grt job on yr videos, certainly enjoy watching them. Stay Safe on yr travels. ✌

  9. Excellent job breaking down individual costs associated with the real world. Congratulations on the amazing week you had and enjoy the time with your family. Thank you for taking the time to make these videos as they have been a major source of help with getting myself up and running.

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