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  1. You already answered this once but when you did you said you weren't sure what he was asking. So you are paying to lease a truck for 3500 a year. But once it hits 50,000 miles you trade it in. Then you get another truck and on that truck the new one do you have to put down another 3,500 or are you good for a whole year long as you have the same driver? Please Clarify that.
    Also thank you for your service and thanks for the videos

  2. after the military, i went to work at a factory. what bothered me the most was the lack of "give a dam" with the people i worked with. and the amount of "dumbass" in management. it was really hard to get use to

  3. Josh, would you hire a 63 yr old Vietnam era vet from Ga. no CDL but clean mvr and trailer experience. I would love to hot shot but no money for deposit for enterprise. I have watched several of your videos but am not exactly sure where you are based. I have primarily self employed but am ready to relieve some stress and just go to work. My wife can drive too and we may be interested in teaming. I am in Chatsworth Ga near the new inland port. Call 706 280 0890 or e mail dowhacky@gmail.com. Thank you for your service

  4. Josh, thanks for all of your great info and advice. FYI, There are more Enterprise locations who offer commercial truck rental for 1 ton trucks. Phoenix and Tucson offers that as well. Just a heads up for your viewers that are out in the SW.

  5. Wow. Interesting company philosophy and infrastructure to support it all. Also, with the loaded 40 foot trailer + duals on both truck and trailer you're looking at heavy hauls… but your gvcwr with that equipment pushes you closer to 26k limit. Since you're buying a tractor you must already have a CDL. And your drivers also… // which is why I'm getting my CDL for my hot shot. My equipment though is flexible for a non CDL driver to take a load. Good stuff!

  6. hi, josh I really enjoy your videos I have watched them more than once and taking lots of notes. I'm trying to do my due diligence on researching about all this I am looking into taking a class on dispatching. I have had my class A lic. for over 30 years and operate heavy equipment and drive transport equipment as well. but I'm looking to do something a little different. I have some questions for you. 1. I came across several dispatch companies averaging about 7% would you mind sharing who you chose. or why. 2. how does the lease contract work with your driver, I'm assuming he does not have his own authority, does he share in the dispatch fees? thank you.

  7. Does a crew cab dually with a 40ft gooseneck push you past the allowed length in Tennessee and Texas? What is different with these 2 states compared to other states? Any help is greatly appreciated!

  8. Just found your channel and really enjoy your videos. Appreciate all the information you are giving. Your very detailed with your information and that helps a lot to try to make good decisions. Hope you continue the great videos and wish you the very best with your business. Have a Blessed Day Friend!

  9. Josh D – hauling hazmat will raise your insurance extremely high. Plus the fact that DOT stays on you even more. Just stick to doing what you're already doing now

  10. Hey Josh. I love your videos man!

    I got a question. Have you had any problems finding brokers to give you loads since you have a brand new authority and not much experience running?

    I also was wondering if you would be interested in signing on another truck and trailer to your fleet. I have my own dually and 40ft gn and looking to work under someone's numbers until I save up to get my own authority. Let me know and i can contact you anyway and we could talk more details if interested. Thanks Josh! Looking forward to more videos!

    Phillip Marie.

  11. Josh, I really appreciate your videos. You aren’t kidding the train is moving pretty fast. Your bottom line, nuts and bolts information has cleared up a lot of questions I’ve had about getting my own program going.

  12. Hello josh I wrote my last message while watching your video would you consider me as a company driver I have hauled many trailers growing up on a dairy farm that my grandfather owned and working with my dad in the mobile home business I had a small excavating business I was trying to get started just before I became disabled my email address is miller16225@gmail.com

  13. Welcome back josh truly enjoy your videos I’ve been trying to get of from disability after twenty years in the oilfield and being raised on a dairy farm I believe this is something I can do as I’ve always wanted to retire and travel the world I currently have my chauffeurs license I do have good credit but hard to get a loan being on disability would you consider renting out a trailer to help get me started I’m a single man and wouldn’t mind being out for long periods of time

  14. Great video Josh!..Your explaning it very well….i been in hotshot business for some time and thats rare when you get $3 a mile mosttly its around $2 a mile and sometimes i go for $1 a mile just to get going cause not much avaibale everyday differs from each other and the area your in…so its always good to put the expectaions on a lower end and there will be no dissapoioments…God Bless!

  15. Great Inspiration Battle, I'm also retired and have a hard time transitioning. You are definite a straight shooter, I would like to get in touch with you offline…. Thanks for your service and continue doing great things!

  16. Josh proud of you man for taking your dream and make it happen! Curious what percentage you’re charging your o/o normally with hotshots they gross 80-85%. Also with the semi you’re right a lot more loads on the boards but 5-7 mpg and delayed loading and unloading kinda sucks. Also with the air-ride trailer the loads typically pay better…I have a 35’ Kaufman with air-ride and I’m under a load from Hammond,In to Norfolk,Ne paying $2000 on 560 miles $3.57 a mile. Also Raleigh is always tuff on hotshots but if you’re ever in the area again there are two brokers on members edge dat that run 20’ and 40’ containers out of Wilmington running several places paying $2.40-2.50 a mile might get you rolling. Keep up the videos and congrats on your future success.

  17. Awesome Josh, great to see the progress on expanding your company. I will be looking forward to see how everything works out.Thank you for your service and spending your time to make the video's.

  18. I’ve been looking forward to this update for 2 weeks.lol. It looks like you have great things going on so congrats and keep up the great work. Thanks for all the great info too. I have a couple of questions about the insurance. Do you have to commit to a 1 year policy or are shorter terms available? Also, how much did your insurance go up when you added drivers?

  19. Hey Josh I'm interested in getting into the hotshot business I'm still doing RV transporting as we speak I'm picking up now and on the way to New York but anyways I'm interested in working with you under your Authority if you got more room for guys trying to get in the hotshot business.

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