How Indexed Universal Life Insurance Works? | Tax Free Retirement Series

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  1. From 1969-2003 I was licensed with the NASD(Securities sales) and CA Dept of Insurance. This guys statement, "Back in the 1980's, I was earning 15 1/2% on my indexed insurance contracts" is bullshit. There was no company I am aware of that sold indexed insurance or annuity contracts prior to 1993. Southern CA was and still s one of the biggest markets in the US for annuity and life insurance sales. I was associated with what became the largest independent broker-dealer in the US in the 1980's. They offered no indexed products on behalf of insurance companies because there were none…

  2. This guy sounds like a snake oil salesman. He is leaving out the cost of insurance. It doesn't matter if he is making 10% on the cash value if the cost eats away at the money you are putting into the policy. Here is an example, if you pay $100, but the charge you $60 in fees, etc. the remaining $40 at 10% is $4. So, basically, you got a 4% return, not 10% as the illustration will show.

    Most likely, there is a 5% fee just to put money into the policy. You add this to the charges and deductions you will not make 6% on your money. You are more likely to make 3-4% if that much. Added to this you will have insurance coverage if you die.

  3. IUL policies are a piece of trash. Streight term life is the best, if you want investments like what he’s talking about, just get yourself an index fund, or some index based investment products. You should not be investing with insurance.

  4. Thank you for sharing. Loved it. I love investing. I study and analyze everything carefully before I commit into anything. If I listen to negative comments, I also listen to positive comments. I study the facts and analyze how things work. Therefore, this is easy for me to understand because some people are closed minded and that’s why they stay where they are. You can’t fix stupid. Sorry but it’s true. They take constructive criticism from people who never constructed anything. That’s why only the 10% are successful and the 90% will be a slave to the 10%. If anybody is offended by my comments, than they are one of them.
    ~~~Share with love and care~~~

  5. If you're not sure what it's about, educate yourself. Don't go into something without knowing what's going on. Learn to ask questions, have them explain it to where you can understand it.

  6. TransAmarica, americatransera, 0% floor means you still pay fees and commission, and 15% cap means if the market go up 20% you will pay max 15% no more, and that means your loosing money, this is a rip-off.

  7. Anyone posting a negative comment about the efficacy of a properly structured Indexed Universal Life insurance policy hasn't a clue as to what they're talking about. The IUL as a vehicle to fund retirement is the greatest offering in today's financial market. Do the research before you comment.

  8. People like this that sell life insurance are the reason the baby boomers of this generation despise life insurance and the reason the industry has such a bad stigma. Hundreds of thousands of people lost money and paid unnecessary taxes when these products were first introduced and sold this way.

  9. There are some commentators here that are either trolls or may be playing devil's advocate. Anyhow, Indexed Universal Life is a complex financial product that, if structured correctly and held over a long period, will outperform any equity-based investments. Initially, cash value will grow slowly. We all know why. After year 10-15, growth will be faster. The choice of Option A or B affects the "corridor" (difference between accumulated cash and death benefit). (Btw, Option C also exists.) Option B generally allows cash value to continue building thus pushing up death benefit at the same time. Distributions can be programmed into such policy and will show when they will begin and how cash value will be depleted accordingly, and minimum cash reserve requirement to keep the policy and death benefit. It's a brilliant product with many moving parts. Those who criticize it simply lack education or have an unprofessional, biased motive.

  10. As I recall, American General…a legal reserve life insurance company, would have ABSOLUTELY gone under if not for a taxpayer bailout worth billions of dollars.

  11. Interesting that this video focuses on the investment side, but insurance is the worst vehicle to save in. Who cares what your money does in the investment if only the insurance company benefits from it and owns it…

  12. I didn't understand a single thing he said. If you're in your 20s, can you buy an indexed universal life insurance policy and make a living off of it?


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